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Mailbag 8/21

We talked about food AND uniforms...oh dear

Dining Review - The Dabney

We all know about Tech’s 1-2 punch on the defensive side of the ball (#1 Thomas, #2 Carpenter). Who’s going to have more INTs?

Ben: I’ve been driving the Juanyeh Thomas HYPE Train since he got on the Flats, so I’m gonna go with him. He also might be the most talented player in that secondary, in my opinion.


Carter: It’s about time the Georgia Tech defense had their J. Thomas.

Wide receivers with the biggest impact on the offensive side of the ball, Ahmarean Brown, Malachi Carter Jalen Camp?

Ben: Of those you listed, I’ll say Brown, only because he’s adding a very dynamic element that Tech has not had in a very long time. I think Carter and Camp could also have pretty good seasons. Honestly, I could see Tyler Davis having a bigger impact than any of them.

Andrew: I am really excited to see what Brown can do. He was a 10.4 100 meter guy in track, that is Brodderick Snoddy levels of speed.

Carter: I’m still waiting to see what my breakout player of the year for 2018, Adonicas Sanders, will do.

With the available Tech gear available through adidas, what is your favorite (if you own it) and why? What would you like to see more of that you wish adidas had available for purchase? Is Todd Stansbury listening in on these recommendations?

Jake: The T hats we asked for are here! But, to be quite honest, they look like the Dollar General felt + old dark jeans homemade version more than something the team would wear. The real version remains at the top of my list. That said, this isn’t adidas, but I bought a sweet button down shirt at the bookstore last weekend. Love the block T/ramblin’ wreck adidas shirt. I like that they have baseball jerseys now, pretty sure I’d been spamming that for years on feedback forms. I just wish they, too, looked like the player versions. The football jerseys look great and have weathered well. But, man, one of those fauxback TECH home whites + a block T hat? Now we’re cooking with grease. Also I miss having shirts with Georgia Tech + [insert sport or major here] avaliable for purchase. Oh, and North Avenue Trade School and fun stuff like that.

Akshay: This is a bit of a half answer, but my favorite part is that I can actually buy Georgia Tech jerseys now. That being said (and like Jake mentioned), I wish we had actual replicas for non-football sports; the basketball and baseball jerseys are not at all what the players wear. The appeal of buying a jersey is to look like you’re part of the team — why should I buy something that’s not what the team wears?

Carter: Currently nothing, as the only adidas gear I have are last year’s polo, which has some weird texturing on the shoulders I don’t like, and the bonus shirt for season ticket holders, which turned out to be a size too big. But there are two items in the store I like that I haven’t yet pulled the trigger on: the Climalite T-shirt with the outline of the state of Georgia, and the Game Mode shirt I’m starting to lose hope will ever be in stock in my size and in gold. We still need more gold gear, and, like, a gold polo with a sewn logo. And those T hats are knockoff garbage. T-Stan did release a new podcast episode literally last evening where he talks about the gear survey, so he’s definitely listening.

So Tech unveiled their alternate uniforms for the game against UNC. As part of Tech’s support for “Cape Day” in honor of the real superheroes at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, I thought this was a really awesome joint effort. There was a lot of thought that went into the design to both honor the children fighting their battles every day as well as honor Tech traditions. What are your thoughts of the design?

Ben: I really like the gray uniforms. Unpopular opinion, I know, but I think they look really good. The gold and gray contrast incredibly well, and I also like the honeycomb pattern in the numbers.

Jake: My first gut reaction to the gray was that I hated the idea and “unsimplifying” the brand adidas and GTAA just spent so much time and money promoting. But, with the passage of time, I softened - the onyx gray looks a beautiful almost-navy in some lighting - and I am hyped that the honeycomb look is back (sidenote - Ohio State buckeye-style stickers except honeycombs would be a great thing for helmets). However, I do not like that they contrived the “grey for grey’s sake,” to borrow a phrase and, more importantly, justified it with the Heisman allusion. A prescient poster on GTSwarm noted, “Heisman also had brown uniforms. Do you want those too?” And, if you want to know why Clemson wears purple, it’s because Heisman brought some second hand uniforms from Auburn to his new digs on a lake because he was too cheap to replace the faded old ones. That cheapskate-ish-ness also got us the Cumberland victory, so it had its upsides, too. Anyways, after three years of spending basically all my free time researching Georgia Tech and cross checking five books on my shelf since I got back from class just so I don’t eat crow here, I can confidently say I have never come across this, ever. I have no clue where they found this. It wasn’t in Wallace’s Dress Her in White and Gold, perhaps the most sentimental book about Tech, which I was sure would reference it, and wasn’t in Brittain’s The Story of Georgia Tech, hands down the most thorough book on Tech out there, and it certainly wasn’t in McMath’s Engineering the New South, as they really only deal with sports in a passing manner, but are definitely the best researched, if you can say they out-match a man who literally is Georgia Tech history like Brittain, who, dare I say, is also Tech football’s biggest fan ever, and certainly the most enthusiastic Institute president about it, and I would have surely assumed would have mentioned it. So, yeah. I want some sources here because Living History and the online Archives didn’t show anything either. We have a great history. Using it shouldn’t be this much of a stretch. Rant over.

Andrew: I really like the cause, deepening our ties with CHOA is always a good thing. I do wonder why we spent so much money on unifying the brand and defining official colors, only to seemingly abandon them at every turn, I am just an old man yelling at clouds though.

Jake P.: I appreciate the cause and the recognition of Cape Day, but I fully agree with Jake G. The history that they used to justify the grey seems shoddy, and besides Batman in his early days, who associates superheroes with grey?

Akshay: I have a few thoughts, most of them in a similar vein to Mr. Grant’s above. In lieu of a full breakdown in this space (that’ll be in an article probably later this week), I’ll say this much: if you consider the uniforms from a non-GT-brand-focused/design-first lens, they’re great. Tech gold really pops against the metallic gray, and the sublimated honeycombs in the shoulders are a great touch. The main thing we have to consider is that these uniforms are frequently not designed for fans/students/alumni/etc — they’re primarily a recruiting tactic to woo talent with the new and shiny.

Carter: It totally rules that Tech and adidas spend all this time and money unifying the brand and settling on a specific shade of gold all for adidas to eschew that gold as much as possible and ultimately give Tech grey alts. If the resident historian here at FTRS has never heard of the Heisman connection athletics is using to justify it, that connection is some major bull[Seether]. A lot of people are trying to justify it by pointing out, ‘oh, but it’s for a good cause!’, but, like, you could have had the uniforms be for a good cause without having to them grey. Anyway, none of this matters if the ‘croots like it, so.

Any word on the gold uniforms?

Ben: I hope they aren’t the ones they used in the Spring. Those were bad. They need some sort of outline on the numbers.

Akshay: Pray to Dodd every day until they show up. That’s all we can do at this point.

Carter: I am seriously starting to wonder if adidas actively hates Georgia Tech and the “Tech Gold” shade that was ultimately selected in the brand unification.

Now that we are essentially a week from Toe Meets Leather, do we have an “Above the Line” chart? Any updated predictions on who will be on the chart at what positions?

Ben: We’ll probably get a full chart next week. I’m curious to see how the offensive and defensive lines shake out. Like Andrew mentions below, Demetrius Knight may find himself Above the Line, which is super exciting.

Andrew: Demetrius Knight has apparently played his way above the line at LB during camp. I think we will see Jamious Griffin get some snaps at running back.

Who has been Tech’s greatest overall Pro Athlete? Top for Football? Baseball? Basketball? Golf? Tennis? Other?

Ben: I’m not learned enough to say who the greatest overall Tech pro athlete is. For football, gotta go Calvin Johnson. Baseball, I’ll say Mark Texeira with Nomar Garciaparra as a 1A. Basketball, Chris Bosh?

Jake: Though we’ve had plenty of stars over the years - did someone say Megatron? Guyon? Price? Anderson? Marbury? - Bobby Jones, had he turned professional, is the only one with the clout that people probably wouldn’t mind, say, naming an elementary school or post office or park after. But he didn’t.

Jake P.: I agree with Jake, Bobby Jones played a huge role in the early development of golf in the United States, all while staying an amateur. In addition to his playing successes, Jones is only helped by the fact that he played a huge part in the creation of the Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament. I think Calvin Johnson is probably the pro athlete to ever come out of Tech.

Andrew: Bobby Jones is synonymous with golf, even though he never turn professional. Joe Guyon and Billy Shaw are in the NFL hall of fame. Varitek is probably the most accomplished Beesball player.

It will be a successful debut for Collins and Co. If Tech does __________ at Clemson next week.

Ben: Cover the spread and don’t have any major injuries.

Andrew: Cover the spread.

Jake: If the breaks fail on the buses as Clemson goes around the stadium and they roll all the way to Greenville, we might be in for that juicy forfeit win. Would make a fun rivalry story, too. But, Andrew reminded me: good teams win, great teams cover.

Jake P.: Doesn’t pull a Bobby Petrino and BVG against the Tigers.

Akshay: doesn’t pull a Bobby Petrino and BVG against the Tigers (but this time with a spicier link).

Carter: Not die. More than five times.

Biscuit or Cornbread with your meal?

Ben: More often, I’ll say biscuit, but if greens are an option, give me cornbread.

Andrew: Depends on the meal. It also depends on whether or not it is sweet corn bread or jalapeno cornbread.

Jake: ALRIGHT time for another rant. Wasn’t expecting to get so worked up in the mailbag this week, wow. So, anyways, the scene is a lodge in the Northwoods of Wisconsin - and, if you didn’t catch my plug in Yellow Jacket Roundup a few weeks ago, I gotta say, idyllic summer vacation spot, and I’d glad to share more info - and the subjects are my family. And we’re at this dinner, and since it’s like a homestyle meal, they passed out bread before it. Except this night, they’re serving biscuits. And, I, having been to this restaurant at least a dozen times in my more or less annual trip up north, but not since I came to God’s City, Atlanta, Georgia, for college, know for a fact that this place makes everything from scratch, so this is not a knock on them specifically. But my family was all over the biscuits! But, thing is, they weren’t that great. Not fluffy, not that nice look, nothing. I was so disappointed. But here, the rest of these northerners were ranting and raving about them. I was shocked. Needless to say, my answer here is definitely biscuits and the moral of the story is to never trust Wisconsinites to make you good biscuits. Stick to cheese curds. And bratwurst and sauerkraut. And pork tenderloin sandwiches. Okay, now I’m just hungry.

Jake P.: In my experience with cornbread, the only good cornbread is the Mexican cornbread that comes out balled up with cooked corn kernels sprinkled throughout. So biscuits.

Akshay: Both are great, but the time of day of consumption matters. Go biscuits in the morning, but cornbread later in the day.

Carter: What Akshay said.