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Big Green Egg Joyce Marshall/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT via Getty Images

SI just came out with some lists to celebrate the 150 year of CFB. Tech was left off both Best Coaches and Best Traditions lists. Which is the bigger injustice?

Ben: I don’t know how you leave Bobby Dodd AND John Heisman off the best coaches list. They are two of the best and most impactful coaches of all time.

Andrew: Dodd and Heisman being left off makes no sense to me.

Drew: Georgia Tech has some fun traditions, but none that stand out to me for inclusion in that list. I have no issue with that. I have no clue how Bobby Dodd, John Heisman, and Geoff Collins got left off the coaches list.

Chris: I can’t fathom how you don’t put Heisman on the list. The thing that irks more though is that the TURNOVER CHAIN MADE THE BEST TRADITIONS LIST. Are we SERIOUS? A dumb gag that started in 2017 is the 10th best TRADITION in all of college football? I don’t even care if you don’t put something from Tech in its place, put literally anything else.

Jake P.: I agree with Chris about the turnover chain, it’s not a tradition until it reaches its 10th year, at least. I did like the inclusion of Waffle House on the list of Greatest College Town Eats though.

Stephen: As far as lists go, it’s a [Foreigner]ing shame that this picture didn’t make the list:

Sergio Flores (The Daily Iowan)

Akshay: (Note - I haven’t read the articles) Gotta remember that these types of lists serve to generate clicks about the bigger schools. This can not be tolerated any longer. We smaller schools must rise up and overthrow the bourgeoisie blue-bloods and re-establish true traditional college football. (Semi-serious answer: any list that doesn’t include Heisman as one of the top coaches of all time can be immediately deemed a joke. You’re not going to include the guy whose name is emblazoned on the sport’s player of the year trophy? Really?)

Carter: A lot of the other guys have mentioned Heisman, but really, what has he done for the game? Ride the coattails of a trophy he just happens to share a name with, that’s what. Gotta do better than that to be named to such an illustrious list, Johnny boy.

Jake: They’re looking for eyes. Anyone worth their salt knows Tech has seen two of the best coaches to walk the planet, one of whom literally helped invent the game as we know it today, and leaving off the Ramblin’ Reck from a list about college traditions in favor of some overpriced bling is sooooo 2017.

Required / recommended BAC for watching the clemons game?

Andrew: There is a brewery down the street from my new house, I plan on picking up two 32 ounce crowlers and polishing them off during the game.

Drew: The spread divided by 100. The spread for this game appears to be...35 points. So a .35 seems about right (note: don’t actually do this).

Stephen: Hopefully you won’t have ACCNetwork like me! Yay living on the brink of society where your only non-satellite option is Spectrum! YOU STILL HAVEN’T ACTIVATED MY PAPERLESS BILLING DISCOUNT.

Akshay: Don’t overdo it, but don’t under-do it either. Get what I’m saying?

Carter: Not as high as that of the Iowa girl who ran onto the field at a Hawkeyes game a few years back. But definitely greater than zero. Maybe a nice .12? If you’re at DragonCon, you’ll need at least two rum buckets.

Any thoughts on the closing of EDSBS and opening of Banner Society?

Ben: I’m definitely going to miss EDSBS, so I’m kind of in a wait-and-see mode with Banner Society.

Stephen: If you haven’t taken the time to read all of Spencer Hall’s pre-season pieces, you need to carve out an hour of your life. (Be on the look out, I’ll hyperlink all of them into the first M?M?BP this year.)

Akshay: EDSBS generated the type of manic, borderline-”are you ok”-asking college football pieces the world didn’t know it needed, but later craved. Banner Society seems to be much in the same vein, but across a larger swathe of writers and mediums. It stands to reason that we’ll see a lot of the same stuff from them, along with newer, crazier ways to engage with the sport.

Carter: I say this with all seriousness: you would not be reading any of what I’m writing if it weren’t for EDSBS. Reading made me realize I could take college football less seriously and laugh at it more — something everyone should do, because college football makes us all suffer eventually, unless you’re an Alabama fan. The site coming to a close wasn’t a huge shock to me, because the peak EDSBS years (from about ‘09-12 or so) had long since passed, but it’s definitely the end of an era. Banner Society is going to be weird, but only because it’s new and different. I’m excited to see what it’s all about.

Jake: Their email newsletter has been solid so far, but I must say if you’re looking for some good takes, check out Matt Brown’s Extra Points.

Tips for staying up late for #Pac12AfterDark?

Ben: Just get an IV of caffeine. That always does the trick for me!

Andrew: I just moved to the Central Time Zone, so it’s only a 9:30 start now, I might make the first half.

Akshay: Have an intense, insatiable interest in wacky and weird CFB happenings and nothing to do on Sunday morning. Alternatively, live on the West Coast.

Carter: Take a power nap during the afternoon slate. It’s 15-20 minutes, the length of a halftime, and you’ll wake up feeling recharged and ready to take on at least eight more hours of football.

Chris: Simple: casual buddy-hang. Invite a buddy (or multiple, but no more than 3 - this is a hard limit) over (alternatively, go to a buddy’s place) for the afternoon games. When they end, go get dinner together. By the time dinner is over, it’s time head back to the buddy’s place and casually watch those sweet sweet night games. See, the trick is to take the day/evening casually. If you start too early, hang out with too many people, or do too much, you won’t make it. It’s a delicate balance.

Stephen: Chris sits on a throne of lies. Having lived with him, I’ll tell you his strategy. Go to the noon game, talk to no one after Tech squanders 42 3rd and longs. Ignore texts from brother mocking Tech’s football prowess. Get home, long shower. Ask if roommate wants Zaxby’s (hahaha you don’t have that anymore, that’s what you get for leaving the South to go pursue “a job”). Get back from Zaxby’s, CBS 3:30 game is coming back from halftime because half of the people in Atlanta went to Zaxby’s at the same time as you. You fade in and out of a carb overload. Have a single beer to wake yourself back up. Too full to move from the couch, you can only manage to switch up one channel from CBS to Fox. You’re stuck watching Pac12 for the next 4 hours because you need background noise while you muse for Monday’s column. At the start of the 3rd quarter, 3 spoons of gelato, then you go to bed.

Chris again: ...

Jake P.: I cannot top Stephen’s answer. Do what he said.

Jake: If you’re not fading in and out of SEC on CBS after baking for three hours in the noonday Atlanta sun, you won’t be “rested” enough to make it to the end of primetime, let alone the west coast games.

Hobbs or Shaw?

Ben: I couldn’t tell you which is which. Give me Calvin and Hobbes, though, any day of the week.

Andrew: I’ve never seen an entire Fast and Furious movie.

Akshay: Robespierre.

Stephen: The one that looks like Jon Bois.

Jake: @Stephen jon’s sandwich shop is closed

Jake P.: I’ll take Shaw’s sister, Hattie. A.K.A. Vanessa Kirby.

Carter: Hobbs, or more specifically, his brother, Mateo. Dude who played him looks like a future star. You think he played football before this? I bet he was pretty good at it.

If you run the NCAA for a day, what is the first rule you change, on or off the field?

Ben: Akshay took my idea. Getting rid of the waiver system and giving each player one free transfer is one of the first things I would do. I would also re-organize all major conferences into a pod system to allow teams to play everybody in their conference on a more regular basis. I don’t care if that’s a conference thing, I run the NCAA, I can do whatever I want.

Akshay: All athletes get one free transfer — any transfers after that cost a year of eligibility. You probably remember what it was like as a high schooler; sometimes, you make important decisions poorly. Give the kids a mulligan.

Andrew: I’m gonna agree with Akshay here. I think one free transfer would be a good start. I would also expand the number of scholarships for baseball as well as allow for a third paid assistant coach.

Drew: Overall I’d allow players to profit off of their likenesses. I think that might harm some of the entertainment value of college sports (by letting the top teams dominate talent even further), but I think it’s undoubtedly good for the players.

For football I’d require one true road non-conference game.

For basketball I’d make a team’s third foul within a minute an intentional foul and I’d require all teams to play three true road non-conference games.

Chris: Gotta agree with Drew here - allowing players to do what they want with their own likeness seems like a no-brainer.

Stephen: EXPAND THE PLAYOFF. 20 teams. Top 4 get a bye, all games except the quarterfinals/NC are at the higher seeded team’s home field. Quarterfinals are your NY6 (ok 4 of them) games. National Championship is neutral site or one of the remaining NY6. I have the documents all worked out. I nominate myself for Commission of College Football.

Jake P.: As Drew said I’ll let the players profit off of their likeness, but with the only reason to bring NCAA Football by EA Sports back. Such a sad loss.

Carter: Pay ‘em.

Jake: I have a brilliant conference realignment strategy and a way-too-complicated playoff bracket that includes conference championships, wild card, and traditional bowl tie ins that everyone would really love to complain about.

Big Green Egg vs. Treager?

Ben: I have neither. I’ll say Big Green Egg because I’ve had meat from one of those and it is spectacular.

Andrew: I have neither, but both look awesome. I am in the market for a smoker, a gas one preferably. I also think my next big grill purchase will be a Treager.

Chris: When I was growing up my dad had a BGE and nostalgia forces me to favor it. In a few years when I can get some outdoor living space (hah! jokes on me, I live in Boston and that doesn’t exist!) I am totally buying one.

Stephen: BGE. I won one in a raffle once and it’s currently sitting at my parents house waiting on me to move it to my place. Joker is heavy.

With the amount of running backs we have. It seems to stand that a lot of 2 back sets with the QB in the gun will be used. My question is, has that been normal for Coach P. In the past or has he mostly used a one back set?

Ben: Like Andrew mentioned, there isn’t a ton of CDP film from pre-Temple. But with what I know about the roster, I think you’re going to see a pretty run-heavy offense. All of our quarterbacks are also pretty good on their feet.

Andrew: I’m not sure, to be honest. Finding much tape that is pre-Temple for Coach P was really hard to do. I would love a chance to take a look at some of his Coastal Carolina tape.

How will the uniforms be chosen each week? Does the staff make the call or do team leaders make the decision? I’m interested in how the options will be selected and how the final combination is chosen. Will our favorite Tech site be delving into the subject with a uni tracker of sorts?

Akshay: Hello, commentor sir — I will be your guide to any and all things Georgia Tech (and college football) uniforms on FTRS this season. If you’d like an example (or a refresher, if you remember last season’s column), check this out! To actually directly answer your question about uniform selection, my understanding is that the seniors/captains select the uniforms for the week.

Chris: I have no idea, I just came here to keep plugging my idea for a helmet with the Wreck on it. Better yet, let’s do the thing Florida did with their realistic Gator uniforms and just have a whole car-styled thing.

Stephen: Why would you speak that into existence... We wear white at home. No blackwatch. No UCF yellow. Just please value tradition before we get stuck with those wretched Mich St jerseys or the Murder Bird Machiavelli’s with that terrible gothic script lettering.