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Mailbag 7/31

The 8/1 edition

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 26 Quick Lane Bowl - Minnesota v Georgia Tech Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Which player are you most excited to watch this year on defense?

Ben: Like everybody else has said, I’m excited about Juanyeh Thomas at free safety. I’m also curious to see what Tre Swilling can do in a press coverage scheme. He’s a more physical corner, so this scheme will be super beneficial for him.

Jake P.: Juanyeh Thomas. He was electric last year in the kick return game, and although he wasn’t as dominant on defense, he will look to play a big role this year with the loss of Malik Rivera. He recorded only 15 tackles last year, but had a memorable 95-yard pick six against Louisville. Watch for more of that this season (maybe after the Clemson game).

Nishant: It’ll be fun to see Juanyeh turned loose at safety. He barely saw the field on defense last year, so I have a feeling there’ll be some growing pains, but no doubt he’s gonna make plays. I’m also very interested to see how Charlie Thomas does at linebacker—he was one of the most fun players on defense a year ago and has a very high ceiling, and it sounds like he’s been picking up the position quickly.


CK: First time chiming in on the Mailbag, figured it’s about time. I’m with Jake P. on this one. Looking forward to seeing Juanyeh Thomas.

Also, if you got the opportunity to direct the remake of “Airplane!”, what would you have play on the jukebox in the bar scene instead of Staying Alive?

Jake G.: Why would I want to touch Airplane!? I don’t want to ruin one of the best movies ever, because Lord knows I can’t direct. “Live and Let Die” might be okay, though.

Your preferred outcome for this season:

  • 6-6, with losses to Clemson, Miami, VPISU, uga, Duke, UNC
  • 3-9 and one of the wins is uga

Ben: I think I’ll take the 6-6 season here. Mostly because I think it would do more to show recruits that Tech is closer to competing at a higher level, especially if those six losses are even remotely competitive.

Jake P.: 6-6. with the losses to rivals. If Tech only goes 3-9 but beats uga, most people would think it’s a fluke or luck filled game. If Tech were 6-6 with the losses to the better teams on the schedule, they would a) go bowling and b) at least show people that they’re capable of winning winnable games, even while transitioning from the triple option.

Jake G.: I think it’s much more likely we go 3-9 than touch bowl eligibility, and we haven’t beaten the Athenians on the Flats in 20 years. If we’re gonna lose a bunch, might as well take the option that wipes that skeleton from the closet. I’ll take the three wins, please.

CK: Can I get back to you on this one on November, 30th? Leaning towards the 6-6 arguments I’m hearing.

What record would flip your decision?

Jake G.: Something that lets us beat the North Carolina schools. They might not be rivals like the school out East, Clemson, or VPISU, or have much football fan support, but, [Duran Duran] the ones they do have are obnoxious.

“Shark Week” is so 1983. Next year, stay tuned for “_________ Week”, it’s gonna be splendiferous!

Ben: Meme Week sounds appropriate.

Jake P.: Pressley Harvin III Monster Punts Week

Jake G.: Regular Guys doing Regular Guy Stuff Week

Nishant: Sark Week, in which fans of the Falcons, USC, Washington, and Alabama come together to vent about a coach they’d all rather forget

CK: “A Month of Shark Week.” Sharks are one of the few creatures that can contend with humans for the top spot of the food chain. Give them their due time and respect.

The AJC had a piece about the coveted single digit jerseys, and mentioned there is more than one #1 on the Tech squad. They just can’t play at the same time. Is this offensive to football tradition?

Ben: I don’t have a problem with having players with duplicate numbers. Jake P. has a good answer below.

Jake P.: I don’t think so because there’s one player #1 on offense and one player #1 on defense, so it evens out.

Jake G.: Big J Journalism take: it’s weird. If the number means so much, why hand it out twice? And, since they’re both clearly talented, why limit the two from, under some weird scenario that it would apply, from being on the field at the same time?