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Technical Tidbits 7/9: Short Trip Down Memory Lane

Some Tech nostalgia; Yellow Jacket who played for Bobby Dodd passes away.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 17 Virginia at Georgia Tech Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Sadly, we have lost one of our elder Yellow Jackets. Carlton Waskey of Roanoke, Virginia passed away this past weekend. He played for Bobby Dodd and after his college career would go on to become a football official.

Speaking of Bobby Dodd, FTRS’s own Jake Grant provided this engaging piece that shed some historical light on Dodd’s career at Tech. I found it interesting how Dodd thought highly of Tech’s academic standing and incorporated that into his message to his players. (It seems similar to what Geoff Collins is doing currently).

The whole backstory of how Dodd ended up at Tech is quite interesting as well. It seems a lot of the great coaches had quite a lot of athletic diversity, either coaching or playing other sports. Dodd was no different.

Recently, we’ve talked a lot about student-athletes who have been taking advantage of the internship opportunities that are provided through Georgia Tech. Redshirt junior Lucas Johnson is another good example.

In this article, Johnson discusses his internship with the Piedmont Group, LLC. He specifically talks about the growing awareness of financial management he’s gained through the experience. Former Tech b-back Synjyn Days, who works as a financial planner at the Piedmont Group, has served as a mentor and friend to Johnson.

The opportunities that Tech provides to its students are numerous and can help them grow as individuals. Johnson is a prime example of this. It’s nice to see stories like this.

This article comes from what clearly is a Clemson site. The article’s title pretty much sums it up: “Ga. Tech offense to be a lot different.” You don’t say?

Well, I guess Clemson is already starting their scouting of Tech. The article ends on a note that should make Clemson fans cheerful. According to an early line from Vegas, Clemson is 34-point favorites.

Personally, with Collins’ background as a defensive coordinator, I’m looking forward to seeing this Tech defense in action more so than the new offense. And I feel 34 points is a bit insulting. But who knows, maybe they can use that as motivation. Yellow Jacket fans, what are your thoughts? Does 34 points seem like a slap in the face?