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Mailbag 7/3

Happy almost Fourth of July!

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Why is this late? (sarcasm text)

Ben: Well I normally spend my Sundays saving the world from the dangers of the evils in deep space, and then by the time I get back home after a hard day’s work, I won’t always remember to post the Questions thread on a Monday morning.

Carter: It’s not late, you’re early!

Which Tech sports team will be the next to win their respective ACC title? (Revenue and non revenue inclusive)

Ben: Does the lacrosse team count?

Andrew: Men’s Golf is the easy pick, but I think Men’s Tennis is on the upswing as well.

Carter: Men’s basketball. No, it’s golf, again.

Largest T you ever stole, or most daring theft?

Ben: I’m a big fan of going to a coffee shop and getting a cup of tea with two tea bags in it instead of one.

Carter: Not me, but some people I was acquainted with once stole a collection of Ts from an Ohio State University. Technically I think I’m not supposed to tell y’all about that, but eh, what are they gonna do to me?

Favorite XKCD comic (or at least one that you keep coming back to)?

Ben: I don’t really read XKCD a whole lot, so I hit random comic until I found one that I really enjoyed, which is below.

Carter: XKCD hasn’t been in my rotation in ages, but the tale of Little Bobby Tables is still a classic.

What are your favorite 4th of July traditions?

Ben: I don’t really have any big 4th of July traditions. Just a traditional cookout and watching fireworks, but nothing too crazy.

Carter: Beer. But, like, actually good beer.

Where is Tech at as far as scholarship limits for 2020?

Ben: I don’t know the exact numbers, but I can tell you that Tech is going to have some pretty heavy attrition following the season.

Carter: It’s going to get interesting.

Now with another verbal commit at the OT position, which position(s) is of most pressing need for the 2020 class?

Ben: Andrew is spot on. We need some beefy defensive tackles.

Andrew: Defensive Tackle, you can never have enough of the big hogmollies in middle of the DL. I think another TE would be helpful as well.

What impact has these Rivals Camps and Coach Collins Camp have had on attracting recruits? Are they opening more eyes on players who never really considered Tech?

Ben: Camps are always good to get recruits to meet with coaches and on or around campus. With how Collins has been selling Georgia Tech since he arrived, I’m sure the camps have had a very good impact.

Who is the one player for 2020 that Tech coaches are aggressively recruiting?

Ben: I don’t have any recruiting connections, and I’m not going to post anything from what Kelly or Rod post behind their respective paywalls, so instead, I’ll say that the position I want Tech coaches on the most right now is defensive tackle.

Outside of the primary game day uniforms, what are alternative uniforms that we may see this year? Collins is all about branding, so does that mean he will be open to various uniform alternatives or will he be adamant about pushing the White and Gold GT traditional brand? Will we see the Gold on Gold like we saw in the Spring Game?

Ben: I like the jerseys we had last year. If we do go with the gold jerseys, I hope they look a lot better than the Spring ones did. The white on gold was hard to see and difficult to really see.

Andrew: I hope not, though as long as there is no yellow numbers on white jerseys, I will be happy. I think we see a blue, as well as I really liked the white tops with blue pants vs. UNC last year and hope to see them again.

Carter: I am a staunch opponent of gold on gold in nearly all cases. If Tech is getting alternate uniforms I hope that means these will finally become a reality.

In light of Michael Rankins’ commit today, who is your favorite commit of the 5 (!) current kids we have committed on the offensive line?

Ben: I’m a big fan of Wing Green, mostly because of his name and size. I also like the fact that he deadlifts over 600 pounds.

Andrew: Jordan Williams is from my hometown, I always root for kids from Hall County. King is another one who is intriguing to me, he has to get bigger and show some more on tape as a starter for a really good Lee County program.

What should we consider “good losses” during this 1st transition year?

Ben: As long as we don’t lose to The Citadel, I’ll be mostly happy.


What is your walk-up music?

Ben: Don’t Stop Me Now, by Queen

Carter: If by “walk-up music” you mean “wrestling entrance music”, it’s My Wave by Soundgarden.

Is there any information on Paula Talimomi Vaipulu?

Ben: I really like Vaipulu. His film is a lot of fun to watch. I think he would slot in really well at the guard position. The big thing here, Tech can probably only take one more offensive lineman, so it might be a minute before we add another one.

Assuming an optimistic outlook for the first year under CGC, which would you rather have: beat Clemson, the defending national champion, at the beginning of the season in the inaugural ACC Network game or beat Georgia at Bobby Dodd at the end of the season for the first time in 20 years?

Ben: If I can only have one, give me a win over UGA at Bobby Dodd. In my defense, I think it’s also more likely we win that game.

Andrew: Always and forever Beat the Dwags.

Carter: Beating georgia would be several orders of magnitude more satisfying.

Based on waffle house Wednesday meal selections so far, who is your favorite featured person?

Ben: So confession time, I have yet to sit down and watch all of the Waffle House Wednesdays. I’ve been meaning to, but just haven’t gotten to it yet. In terms of coaches I’m excited about, the two biggest are Tashard Choice and Andrew Thacker.

Favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movie?

Ben: For me, it’s Infinity War. Some of my favorite moments are in Endgame, but as a whole, I enjoyed Infinity War more for how it was a culmination of the entire universe. I’m also a big fan of Thor: Ragnarok and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Andrew: I tend to like the more light-hearted ones, Thor: Ragnarok, Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Carter: Really love the Guardians of the Galaxy films, but I think my favorite right now is Civil War.

Which former GT athlete’s career do you follow the closest?

Ben: I followed Calvin Johnson closely until he retired, so now it’s probably Tashard Choice since he’s coaching at Tech now.

Andrew: I try to keep up with the guys that go into coaching. Other than that, I really like Dietrich’s resurgence this season in Cincy.

Carter: It was Demaryius Thomas for a while, but now it is our one and only butt kicking savior.