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Technical Tidbits 7/22: Pastner Accused of Misleading Investigators

This is not good for the Yellow Jacket basketball program.

Georgia Tech v Duke Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The evidence presented in the article above is pretty [Led Zeppelin] bad for Josh Pastner. Ron Bell has been a nightmare for the basketball team and the GTAA, but up until now all of the accusations he has made against Pastner have been proven false. However this time, it’s Pastner digging his own grave in tapes with NCAA investigators. According to the AJC, Paster misconstrued his relationship with Bell and his girlfriend, Jennifer Pendley, and did so in a place where you shouldn’t: an interview with the NCAA. As of this time, there has been no response from Georgia Tech, so that means they’ve probably known about this for a while. Either way, it’s not a good look for Pastner and Yellow Jackets and hopefully this situation will get cleared up.

Even though the Pastner situation is still going strong, the Jackets have begun practicing for their team trip to Spain in August. While in Spain, the Jackets will face four Spanish professional league teams, and are allowed ten extra practices to prepare for the trip. This is very good for the Jackets who are looking to improve on many facets of their game, especially offense, and for the most part all practice is good practice. The trip to Spain will also help with team chemistry and will give incoming players a feel for a live game situation with the rest of the team.

College football award watch lists usually bode well for the players and teams listed, and with the transition that Georgia Tech is facing it’s good to have as many players as they can get onto award watchlists. Kenny Cooper was put on the watchlist for the Rimington Trophy, which is given to the nation’s top D1 center. Incoming transfer from UCONN Tyler Davis was put on the watchlist for the Mackey Award, given to the nation’s top tight end each year. Hopefully both of the players’ play will be award winning this year and lead Tech to some big wins and a surprise first season for Geoff Collins.

Tech Men’s Tennis has been very well represented at the BB&T Atlanta Open the past few years, with Chris Eubanks competing in 2017 and Michael Kay playing in 2018. Cole Gromley will continue that trend for the Jackets this year after earning the wild card given to a “collegiate standout.” Gromley will start play Tuesday the 23rd at 7. Good luck Cole!

Aileen Morales has done a great job turning the Yellow Jacket softball team around in the couple of years she’s been at the helm, and the commitment of Emma Kauf from Nebraska helps to show that. Kauf is a leader on and off of the field, and according to the article has done great things in her high school career. This is further evidenced by her winning the $10,000 Gatorade Spotlight Grant, and supporting a family center in her hometown. Congratulations Emma and we can’t wait to see you on the Flats!

In Josh Pastner’s time at Tech the Jacket basketball team has been in many recruit posted top-three, five, and ten lists. This past year especially, with a limited success rate (to say the least). Two more of those lists came out this past weekend. The first one is from the top 2020 recruit from South Carolina, four-star PF P.J. Hall, shown above.

The other top-five that Tech is in is from three-star Georgia PG K.D. Johnson. I feel a lot better about Tech picking up Johnson, just because of his location and the two smaller schools in his top five. However, either one of these players would be great for the Jackets and hopefully both of them decide to come to the Flats.

Question of the Day: What are your thoughts on the article about Josh Pastner in the AJC?