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Technical Tidbits 7/19: Georgia Tech Football Represents in Charlotte

Tennis gains recognition on a national level.

Georgia Tech v Virginia
Jalen Camp, a representative of the Jackets at the ACC’s Media Days.
Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

College football media days are always an interesting time, as coaches and players usually dish out meaningful quotes and predictions. This year was the first ACC Media Day for new Jacket coach Geoff Collins, and he made the most of it. Collins and the two Tech player representatives, LB David Curry and WR Jalen Camp, started off the day on brand with pictures and interviews featuring Waffle House to-go cups. Curry and Camp both complemented Collins’ energy and spoke on the transition the team would be facing. The article above features a video of Curry and Collins speaking at the press conference podium. It’s worth a watch.

The past couple of days have featured certain Tech players showing the results of the strength training program under new S&C Coordinator Lewis Caralla. It’s safe to say it has been working and that the players really enjoy it. From increased reps, to more players being able to lift 225 lbs over 20 times, Caralla has so far demonstrated that he is putting the Georgia Tech football team in a great position to succeed for the future. Many of the current offensive lineman on the roster are considered undersized for the new offense, so hopefully the new S&C program will continue to work and help them out against opposing defenses. Keep it up Lew!

Good academics are nothing to be ashamed about, and that is clear with the Yellow Jacket Men’s Tennis team. Although the season wasn’t what they hoped for, their hard work in the classroom paid off. Three players, Zummy Bauer, Joseph Gandolfo and Andrew Li, all were named individual ITA Scholar-Athletes, so congratulations to them as well.

The Women’s Tennis team also earned their share of academic recognition, as two players were named ITA Scholar-Athletes. Jeanette Lin and Nami Otsuka were the two Jackets recognized, and according to are the first members of the Women’s Tennis team to get this kind of recognition since 2014, when Natasha Proknevska and Muriel Wacker were recognized. Congratulations to these two Jackets and keep up the good work!

When two legends speak, you listen. This will be the case for many as they watch college football games on the new ACC Network as a Georgia Tech broadcasting legend and a Georgia Tech football legend are now teamed up in the booth. Regardless of whether it is a Tech game that the two are calling or not, it should provide for a great perspective into what is happening on the field, with familiar voices for Jackets fans being present. I’m very excited about the new ACC Network, and this only furthers my excitement.

Question of the Day: Has your provided agreed to carry the ACC Network yet?