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Technical Tidbits 6/7: Basketball Gets Big Ten/ACC Challenge Opponent

Also of note: Paul Johnson is still alive and kicking

Georgia Tech v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

This should be an interesting game for the Jackets, as the Cornhuskers will look to have a big game under first year coach Fred Hoiberg and will be trying to make a statement on the national stage. The game will either be televised on ESPN, ESPNU or ESPN2

The Beesball team had a solid showing at the MLB draft with a total of 7 players getting their names called. Out of those 7, the three picked in the first five rounds will almost definitely be leaving the Flats for the (semi)-greener pastures of the MLB farm system, and realistically all of them will probably be leaving. Good luck to the #ProJackets!

Continuing with baseball, even though the season did not end well for Michael Guldberg, the academic semester did. Academics are sometimes overlooked in college sports, so it’s great to see recognition for his hard work and dedication. Congratulations Michael!

Although it’s probably not what he wanted, finishing 14th at nationals and being named a second team all-American is nothing to scoff at. Also, Jeanine Williams advanced through her preliminary heat, placing second, and advanced to the finals of the Women’s 100M hurdles to be run Saturday night. Bria Matthews will be jumping Saturday night.

Geoff Collins has so far shown that he’s a great recruiter, but it helps a lot when players are so passionate about the program they’re committed to that they are actively trying to recruit others. Tyson Meiguez is a great get for the Jackets, but it would be even better if he created a one-two punch with good friend Will Anderson. If Meiguez can sway Anderson, that would be the biggest get of the 2020 recruiting class so far. Another interesting tidbit found in this article is that Meiguez has been using yoga to recover from an injury. It’s a pretty interesting, but smart, move to help rehab an injury.

Here’s a headline for you: Hall of fame offensive coordinator Paul Johnson and MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson lead Baltimore Ravens to 400 rushing yards in 2021 Super Bowl win over the LA Rams. You heard it hear on FTRS first.

Question of the Day: Have you ever tried yoga?