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Technical Tidbits 6/4: After Long, Exhausting Day, Jackets’ Season Comes To A Disappointing End

A comeback victory over Coastal Carolina, a rain delay against Auburn, by Sunday evening, the Jackets’ season would come to an end with a bitter 4-1 loss.

Danny Karnik/GT Athletics

Regardless of the way their season ended, the Yellow Jackets baseball team made this postseason a ride worth remembering. Up through the rain delay and the scoreless innings that preceded it, it looked like it would be a close game. Perhaps the Jackets could have won their second game of the day. Perhaps they could have survived to win another game against Auburn on Monday and then on to the Super Regional. It wasn’t meant to be.

Instead, in the sixth inning, it was Auburn’s bats that came alive. And Tech quickly found itself in a 3-0 hole. At one point, Tech looked like it could rally. Tristin English scored the Jackets’ only run on a solo home run. By the bottom of the 9th, they found themselves down 4-1 against a relentless Tigers team. Auburn’s pitcher retired the side, and the rest is history.

Looking ahead, there’s the MLB draft. For several Yellow Jackets, it will mean moving on to new opportunities. Some will graduate, some will find themselves in the big leagues. One thing is for certain, this year’s Yellow Jackets baseball team made 2019 a memorable season. Even if it didn’t end the way we’d all hoped it would.

It’s Summer time (well, it nearly is), so jump in a pool why don’t you? Just don’t race Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket swimmer Caio Pumputis. He’ll probably win. Pumputis is a rising junior and a stellar athlete. At the Yellow Jacket Celebration, fellow Tech athletes named him the Co-GTAA Male Athlete of the Year along with baseball player Joey Bart.

As a swimmer at Tech, he holds school-records in the 100- and 200-breast and 200-IM. Caio, a native of Brazil, is currently training for the 2019 World Aquatics Championships that take place in Gwangju, South Korea from July 12-28. He’s probably going to set some kind of record there. He seems to have a knack for that sort of thing.

Let’s end on a football note, because football is always fun. Such is the message from this CBS Sports piece. In all honestly, where has CBS Sports been these past few months, under a rock? In this recent article on the culture of fun that Geoff Collins and his coaching staff are bringing to Georgia Tech, CBS Sports reveals very little that isn’t already known to Tech fans.

Mind you, these are the same social media savvy fans who were probably famished under Paul Johnson’s tight-lipped social-media-wise run. These days their appetite for social media buzz is constantly appeased by Collins et al. Regardless, here are a few reveals that hooked my eyes and whetted my appetite:

  • Apparently, Geoff Collins is a “Star Wars” nerd — not too surprising, but nice to know.
  • Collins celebrates life by chugging the Dew (diet, of course) from a “Swag Chalice” (a faux-jewel adorned plastic cup, like the ones courtesy of the concession-stands sans the bling).
  • The meaning of the five Easter Bunnies prancing about the practice field? Four of them represent Georgia Tech’s national championships (1917, 1928, 1952, 1990). The fifth one? According to Pat Boyle, Collins told his staff it represents “the one you’re going to win.” Yeah, that’s right, it’s just a matter of time.

Yellow Jacket fans, what year will that fifth Easter Bunny represent? 2020, 2023? Let us know what you think.