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Technical Tidbits 6/27: NCAA Rule Changes May Affect Transfers

The NCAA has made updates to the guidelines for processing eligibility waivers.

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Georgia Tech v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The NCAA has updated its guidelines for processing eligibility waivers for athletes who transfer from one school to another. It seems the changes may make it more difficult for football and basketball players who have transferred to get an eligibility waiver. There are a number of athletes who transferred to Georgia Tech and some are awaiting news of their own eligibility.

Typically, when a student-athlete transfers, they have to sit out a year. But the NCAA can waive that requirement on a case-by-case basis. Some speculate that the NCAA is moving towards more of a free-agency based system with its recent implementation of the “transfer portal”. That change has eased the process of transferring for student-athletes.

The NCAA has its reasons for requiring players to sit-out. And I’m sure there are several good reasons for it. Personally, I don’t agree with it, but that’s just my opinion.

Yellow Jacket track and field star Amy Ruiz has been named as the Georgia Tech nominee for the 2019 Woman of the Year. The Woman of the Year award recognizes graduating female athletes who have fulfilled their eligibility and who have had an excellent academic and athletic track record over the course of their collegiate career.

Ruiz certainly has had an extraordinary career at Georgia Tech. Here are a few of her accomplishments:

  • Three-time ACC academic honor roll selection
  • Two-time Women in Engineering Scholarship recipient
  • Recently graduated with high honors in electrical engineering
  • Recipient of an ACC Postgraduate Scholarship recipient

The selection committee has a fairly rigorous process whereby the 2019 Woman of the Year will be selected. And that won’t happen until October of this year. Congratulations to Ruiz for her being nominated. She’s had an outstanding career at Tech.

Okay, this story isn’t related to GT athletics, but it’s fairly impressive, so I had to include it in today’s Tidbits. Georgia Tech students and young alumni planned, designed, and tested Prox-1, a satellite that was part of the payload aboard the Space X Falcon Heavy and was recently deployed.

Oh, and apparently Bill Nye was at the launch. Nye is the CEO of the Planetary Society — the developer of LightSail, a solar sailing satellite. The Prox-1 mission will be to deploy LightSail. Congratulations to the more than 200 Tech students who were participated in this project.