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2019 New Faces to Watch For: LB Chico Bennett Jr.

Whether as a linebacker or defensive end, Chico Bennett Jr. will likely make a great impact as a Yellow Jacket.

Danny Karnik/GT Athletics”

At 6’4” and 215-pounds, Chico Bennett Jr. is the perfect size to be an outside linebacker or edge-rusher. Though he is listed as a linebacker from Battle Ground Academy in Franklin, Tennessee, he could likely do well as a defensive end as well. Last year, he was heavily recruited and received several offers from schools including power five programs like Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky, among others.

Bennett was also recruited by Paul Johnson and eventually committed to Georgia Tech around this time a year ago. Under head coach Geoff Collins’ stewardship, Tech’s defense has been getting a lot more attention then it usually has in the past. It’s been undergoing a revitalization that could allow a player like Bennett to thrive.

Bennett has made it clear that he likes to play in space, or even drop into coverage. But he has also displayed confidence in his abilities as an edge rusher. After all, chasing down quarterbacks is something he seems to do very well. There are numerous highlight films of Bennett. Here is a good example to check out Bennett’s capabilities on the field:

In most of the footage, Bennett is seen lining up close to the line. From there, his speed and quickness make him a viable threat as an edge rusher. His height and 36-inch vertical make him a disruptive force, capable of causing mayhem for quarterbacks.

As a defensive end, he would have a similar size to Anree Saint-Amour, though he would have to bulk up a bit to match Amour’s 245-lbs. From his film footage, his speed and quickness are both apparent. Bennett has explosive speed off the line and can change direction just as quickly. What’s very impressive is how he commits himself to a play and has the energy to play from sideline to sideline.

At the end of the day, what position Bennett plays will come down to the Tech coaching staff, and their decision to put him where they feel he would thrive the most. Regardless, it will be exciting to see this young man on The Flats. Chico Bennett Jr. is one player you should keep an eye out for come this Fall.