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Technical Tidbits 6/21: Recognition Comes for Multiple Teams

Some sad news as well.

Danny Karnik/GT Athletics

It’s not the number one ranking, but being number 9 is pretty darn good considering how many college baseball teams there are. Danny Hall has helped to produce many solid major league players in his long run as Tech’s coach, with a pretty high draft pick as well last year in catcher Joey Bart (no. 2 overall). The thing that surprised me the most about this ranking is that Long Beach State was number one overall, and by a lot. 62 WAR better than Arkansas. We can only hope that the Jackets will be able to climb up the rankings as the years go on, especially with all the players drafted this year.

The new ACC Network and all the trappings that come with it will fit in perfectly with Georgia Tech. Being a technologically focused school doesn’t hurt, and this gives Tech a chance to add more opportunities for students. The new network will also provide opportunities to shine a spotlight on sports that often go unnoticed, like softball and track & field. Money-wise, the new network also won’t hurt with a lot more money being infused into the program from the ACC’s revenue as a whole and through the Tech-centered broadcasts.

The golf team ended the season in a disappointing fashion, but will go into next year with a solid and experienced starting 5. The Golf Coaches Association of America clearly recognized this, as both Andy Ogletree and Luke Schniederjans were recognized as All-Americans. The GCAA named Ogletree to the second team and Schniederjans to the first. These aren’t the first accolades, nor the last, for the Jackets, as they will look to work and improve over the summer to better compete at nationals and hopefully bring back a championship to the Flats.

Hiring Aileen Morales was one of the first decisions Todd Stansbury made as the Athletic Director at Georgia Tech. So far, that decision has paid off. The team has shown constant improvement in the 2 seasons that Morales has been at the helm, and that has extended to the classroom. Three student-athletes were named to the All-ACC Academic Teams, Katie Krzus, Cameron Stanford and Bailee Zeitler. These Jackets are showing that sports aren’t the only thing that matters, and are setting themselves up for a great future. Congratulations and good luck to these top scholars!

This is really cool, and hopefully bodes well for his future. Keep up the good work Kyle!

If you were wondering what the sad news was, look no further. With the death of Russell also comes the death of the honeycomb helmets. We should’ve been clued in by the team not wearing honeycomb helmets this past season, but optimism abounded when Geoff Collins was hired. Sadly, that optimism was not rewarded. Rest in peace.

I will be gone for the next three weeks, so treat Cambiz well.

Question of the Day: Any must visit restaurants in Las Vegas and/or the Grand Canyon area?