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Five Breakout Players for 2019: LB David Curry

2019 could be Curry’s best season as a Yellow Jacket

Alcorn v Georgia Tech Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

Often in sports, the intangible traits are the ones that make the difference. It can be the difference that makes an okay player good, or a good player great. Good coaches will notice these kinds of intangible traits. Smart coaches will utilize them to develop the player as needed so they can fulfill their potential.

David Curry possesses these kinds of intangible traits. He plays the game of football with a gusto that is not common to every player. It’s a kind of passion and bravado that is evident both on and off the field. It appears when watching his game film. And it appears in his post-game interviews as well.

At 6’2” and 220-pounds, being an athlete is in Curry’s genes. His father played professionally for the Atlanta Falcons. All of his siblings are athletes themselves. As a rising senior, it’s no surprise that he is a first-string linebacker for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team.

One of the misfortunes of Curry’s time at Tech has been his consistency in playing time. In 2015, he was redshirted his freshman year. In 2016, he played in all 13 games, starting one game, and finishing the season with 12 tackles -- this was while seeing limited playing time. Unfortunately, in 2017 Curry suffered an injury during fall camp that forced him to miss the entire season.

In 2018, Curry saw an increase in playing time and this led to an increase in production. This was all in spite of a pretty gruesome thumb injury he sustained during spring practice that required surgery. Splitting time with Bruce Jordan-Swilling, Curry finished the season with 47 tackles, an interception, and a fumble recovery for a touchdown.

Going into the 2019 season, Curry will likely be a starting linebacker. In Brant Mitchell’s absence since graduating, Curry can more than fill the role as one of the team’s inside linebackers. Tech’s defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Andrew Thacker can likely get a lot of use from someone with Curry’s skill set.

Thacker followed head coach Geoff Collins to Tech after a two-year stint at Temple. Last year, in his first season as the defensive coordinator at Temple, his defense led the nation in defensive touchdowns, was third in forced turnovers and fumble recoveries, and was fourth in interceptions. Here’s footage of Curry discussing the defense after this year’s spring game. As mentioned earlier, he speaks with a passion and enthusiasm for the game:

Curry plays with great awareness and does well dropping into coverage. He believes in the defense’s job to dominate a game. And as mentioned above, his passion for the game is apparent both on and off the field. 2019 should be a very exciting year for Curry. Don’t be surprised to see a significant uptick in his production.