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Mailbag 6/12

We didn’t talk about food this week!

College Football Playoff National Championship Presented By AT&T - Alabama v Clemson Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Are the pessimistic analysts right?

Ben: I think that depends on your definition of pessimistic. Does this team only win two or three games? I doubt it, but I think it’s certainly possible. Right now, I’m leaning towards five wins.

Chris: I go back and forth depending on the day, but at the current moment I’m predicting four wins. I think that’s slightly higher than the pessimistic analysts, but I’ll add that I think < four is much more likely than > four.

Opening line I saw for the Clemson game was Clemson -33. Who do you got? Call me an optimist, but I think I’d take Tech +33.

Ben: I’m not touching a single money line on this game. I have no idea what to expect from this game. I think Clemson will win by a lot. Will they cover? It’s possible, I suppose, but I don’t know that Dabo will run up the score that much. It also wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

Chris: Woof. I just said I think we’ll do better this season that a lot of people are predicting, but beating the spread against the current CFB dynasty? Maybe if it were at the end of the season when we start putting things together, but we’re talking about playing our first game in the new era with a new offense/defense/everything against a literal juggernaut; I just don’t see us coming out of the gate with +33 potential.

Will we ever see the majority of our fans where the same gold on gameday? This does not include those Gold Outs because that’s too easy.

Ben: Heh...yeah right.

Chris: I’m holding out for the day we give out t-shirts in the different stadium sections à la the Oklahoma City Thunder back when they were good.

What are the odds that we just pulled another Paul? We drove off Paul Hewitt for setting himself a high bar in 2003-2005 and now we have been in hoops doldrums ever since. Have we done the same in football… setting ourselves up for a turn-style of mercenary and B-grade coaches?

Ben: I disagree with the comparison of Paul Hewitt to Paul Johnson. I see what you said about the guys following Hewitt not doing well even compared to some of Hewitt’s worse seasons, but Tech is also in a better place financially after CPJ than they were after CPH, whose contract took a billion years to pay off. Tech never had the money to replace Hewitt, and had even less to replace Brian Gregory. I also think Tech has a smarter AD making the decisions in the coaching hires. So to answer your question, no I don’t think that will be the case. I think these first few seasons might be a bit rough, but I think Collins has a shot at some real success in a few years.

Chris: This may just be me being naive, but I really get the impression that CGC is here to stay and build the program. For years people have labeled us a “sleeping giant”, and while that may not be quite how I’d put it, I think the sentiment rings true: this is a place where the right coach can thrive and Collins has given us every indication that he’s the right coach. He’s young, energetic, and has actual history with Tech (which I think is a huge factor that people are too quick to dismiss). I also think that Tech as a business would be logistically and financially reluctant to throw away Collins after a couple years to try another rebuild. So to me, everything is pointing towards him being the guy for the foreseeable future.

What’s next on the GT Sports infrastructure want to build/refurbish list?

Ben: I’d like to see some improvements around the stadium. Nothing specific in mind, but just general improvements.

Chris: It’s sports-adjacent, but I think ripping up the roof of Peters and turning it into a tailgate plaza would be awesome. Take out the tennis and basketball courts, throw some turf down, and turn it into a mini Ole Miss Grove.

Better lawman: Seth Bullock or Raylan Givens? And why do they look like brothers?

Ben: I don’t know who either of these people are, but I’ll give the edge to Bullock for the mustache in his Wikipedia page.

How many more possessions are we likely to see per game?

Ben: I’m expecting to see more of a no-huddle offense, so I think that will add an average of two or three possession per game.

Chris: Agreed with Ben. Plus, on a more depressing note, I don’t have a ton of faith in us sustaining drives...

When does fall practice start?

Ben: I don’t know the exact date, but fall camp normally starts in August right around the time classes start.

Pastner’s forte was supposed to be recruiting. Missing on elite prospects was one thing, but losing a 3-star guy to UGA and a Dutch player to Mississippi State??? Could the threat of NCAA sanctions from the LaBarrie situation be a factor?

Ben: I don’t blame Pastner for losing Rodney Howard to Georgia. They were always his No. 2 school before he decommitted from Ole Miss. As for Quinten Post, I’m a little bit more disappointed about. Why in their right mind would someone go to Starkville voluntarily? I don’t get it. As for Pastner, recruiting—specifically in basketball—is a dirty game. Between what happened with LaBarrie, as well as the whole Ron Bell saga, I feel confident in saying that GTAA is keeping Pastner on a short leash, which is making recruiting more difficult.