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Technical Tidbits 6/11: Two Yellow Jackets named to 2019 College All-Americans team by Baseball America

McCann and English named as All-Americans, Colts send special thank you gift to Collins

Danny Karnik/GT Athletics

In what can be considered continuing evidence of just what a talented bunch the beesball team was this year, two Tech players were selected to be part of the 2019 College All-Americans team by Baseball America.

Kyle McCann and Tristin English were both named as All-Americans based on their performances during the 2019 season. Several Yellow Jackets were drafted recently in the 2019 MLB Draft. Including McCann and English, a total of seven Yellow Jacket baseball players have now found a home in the major leagues.

As the recognition and accolades continue to roll in, FTRS would like to say congratulations to McCann, English and all of the Tech baseball team on a spectacular season.

Since Geoff Collins’ arrival at Georgia Tech, recruiting has been a source of buzz-worthy news for Yellow Jacket fans. As the football program places greater emphasis on recruiting more talented players, a domino-effect will be Tech graduating more and more NFL caliber talent.

In this year’s NFL draft, three of Collins’ Temple players were drafted. Second-rounder Rock Ya-Sin was selected by the Indianapolis Colts -- he was their first selection of the draft. In what may become a new NFL trend, the Colts had a special way of thanking Collins and others at the collegiate level who helped them put together their draft class:

Apparently, a number of individuals responsible for assisting the Colts in making their draft selections received these game balls as a gesture of appreciation. They ranged from coaches to even agents and personal trainers. These game balls are a great source of pride for the recipients as they symbolize the results of their efforts in developing these players.

And who knows, as Tech continues to ramp up its recruiting operations, perhaps something as simple as a game ball displayed somewhere in Bobby Dodd Stadium may be the deciding factor in helping a young recruit make their decision to commit to Tech. Especially when it represents the results of the coaching staff in preparing its players for a brighter future.

Here are a few Tweety-Tidbits to brighten your Tuesday:

A word of advice: don’t even think about winning a game of Horse against this Yellow Jacket basketball player. What a shot!

The football team continues its competition to see who does the best impression of the Incredible Hulk -- at 5:30 a.m. no less. Weight lifting that early in the morning? I can barely lift myself out of bed at that hour.

This offseason, the football team continues proving they truly are committed to building something special.