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Five Breakout Players for 2019: DL T.K. Chimedza

The RS Freshman is looking to make a splash in 2019

Georgia Tech v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Coming in to the 2019 season, the Georgia Tech Defensive Line loses every tackle for loss they had as a unit in the 2018 season. Sure, it wasn’t a huge number of TFL in the first place (25 by the DL alone, ~2/game), but that’s not a great spot to be in if you’re a Defensive Coordinator. While nothing is certain about what kind of scheme first-year Defensive Coordinator Andrew Thacker will roll out come Labor Day weekend, I believe that TK will play a significant role in the defense for 2019.

Measuring out at 6’3” 300 pounds, Chimedza is a run stopping force that will be paramount to setting up a solid front seven for the Jackets. Playing for national powerhouse IMG in high school, TK showed great use of his hands to stand up his opposition, would use his length to find the runner and close the distance in a hurry. Having played one of the toughest schedules in the country in high school, he’s used to playing against a top level of competition.

Used primarily as an interior lineman previously, I would expect T.K. to perform in the same role on The Flats. He ran with the first-team defense in the Spring Game (take away from that performance what you may, having not been there myself, I can’t give out a grade for him), so I’d expect him to at least be heavily in rotation as the season progresses.

Best case scenario would be that he takes on a space-eater type role, requiring double teams, and freeing up other folks in the front seven to shoot through the unblocked hole in the opposing OL. If T.K. can consistently be that guy for this DL, then expect to hear his name called a lot when Toe Meets Leather.

Oh, and it looks like he’s got that first step too (eyes emoji):