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Technical Tidbits 6/10: Georgia Tech Football Learns How to Lead

Let’s hope they use their newfound skills to their advantage in the upcoming season.

Georgia Tech v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Although an event like this might’ve taken place under CPJ, it definitely would not have been publicized like this was. This was a great opportunity for the leaders of the team to bond and learn more about one another, and this should lead to some great discussion and locker room dynamics.

Michael Cunningham provides some good opinions about Georgia Tech football’s first season under Geoff Collins. It is true that it will be a struggle for the Jackets transitioning out of Paul Johnson’s offense, but with a little luck and some overachieving, it might be a better season than many are currently predicting.

More good news came for the Georgia Tech baseball team after the 2019 MLB Draft. A total of 13 current Jackets and 6 #FutureJackets were selected to play on assorted summer league baseball teams. This includes Luke Bartnicki, Colin Hall and Brant Hurter, who were all chosen for the prestigious Cape Cod Summer League. Good development should come out of this experience for all the players, and hopefully it will lead to a deeper postseason run next year for the Jackets.

Stop if you’ve heard this story before. Josh Pastner lost another recruiting battle. This time the recruit in question was Quinten Post, a 7-footer from the Netherlands. The Jackets were all in on recruiting him, but instead he chose Mississippi State over Tech and Washington State. The team is still in desperate need of a big man for the upcoming season, so hopefully Tech gets a late transfer before games tip off in November.

It was a hot night in Texas for Jeanine Williams and Bria Matthews, but Williams was able to snag her first ever first team all-American recognition. Finishing fourth in the national championships in her senior year will be sure to give motivation to Williams as she competes to be on the U.S. Olympic team in 2020. Matthews also garnered recognition as a honorable mention all-American, and will look to build on that result as she too will look to qualify for the U.S. Olympic team in 2020.

After briefly being on the roster for both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Denver Broncos this past season, former Georgia Tech defensive end Antonio Simmons found a new home in Canada, specifically Montreal. Even though it’s not the NFL, here’s to hoping he’ll dominate the CFL and make his way back onto a NFL roster. Congratulations and good luck Antonio!

I’m a big fan of this sole finalist, it seems that he’s done a great job growing George Mason and will be a good fit at Georgia Tech.

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to my cousin Will, who will be moving into Georgia Tech tomorrow to begin the summer semester. You have already turned out better than your siblings, who both graduated from u(sic)ga.

Question of the Day: Any advice for Will as he embarks on his Georgia Tech journey?