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Yellow Jacket Roundup: Is Up to Par

A blessedly light week, dominated by some baseball.

Thank you, seniors!
Georgia Tech Athletics/Danny Karnik

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - Back to normalcy means the seasons are starting to turn toward the playoffs. With golf back on the upswing and softball seemingly rudderless, there’s really a team for however you’re feeling this fine Monday morning.

No. 8 Men’s Golf

They’ve been due for a while, and this weekend they finally broke through. Though it was a solid week all around, the Jackets were led by Andy Ogletree at the top of the pack. It was Tech’s 54th tournament win under Coach Bruce Hepler, fifth lowest scoring day of golf in program history, and third lowest weekend sum ever, just a few shots off the lead. The eleven stroke victory over Clemson and a field of other competitors also saw Luke Schneiderjans wind up in medal consideration and the Jackets look ready to go for the spring postseason coming up soon.

This week: The Jackets are off this week.


Tech got swept in Ames after taking the midweek trip to Georgia State. They’ve been on a slide lately, but they’re also pretty streaky this season, so perhaps the flip side of that coin is that when they break out, they will in a notable fashion. All in all, it could be worse, but dropping a bunch straight to a broad mix of schools is tough on the old postseason RPI considerations, but they’ll look to bounce back hosting Pittsburgh this weekend.

This week: The Jackets ship out again for Kennesaw State midweek before returning to the friendly confines of home to host Pittsburgh.

Men’s Tennis

Men’s tennis followed up their fourth win over a ranked opponent, North Carolina State, with a Senior Day win over Louisville. They had just slightly cracked the top 50, sitting at no. 49, before the weekend, which put them at over .500, 10-9 (5-5) for the the first time in a while, and shows they know how to steal a couple games here and there to make some noise in the crowded ACC picture. Best of luck to Philip Gresk and Andrew Li, but, before they de-string the racket and knock the clay out of their cleats (yeah, I know we don’t have clay courts, humor me) there’s work to be done with a reasonably possible shot at making the NCAA tournament in the mix.

This week: Tech gets two on the road, up in South Bend and Chestnut Hill.

Women’s Tennis

Tech got three wins this week, including must-win midweek contests in North Alabama. Never lose those. Period. Anyways, this weekend, they rallied late to beat Clemson 4-3 on the road, before getting the opportunity this coming weekend to return home for two very solid opponents. They are currently ranked 34th in the country, and no. 2 UNC at home to start the weekend, whom they upset on the road in the regular season last year.

This week: ACC road play is over, so Tech returns to campus to host some Carolinians.

Track and Field

Overall, a weak weekend for the Jackets, but they saw several event winners against a good field over on the Plains.

This week: Tech is off.

For baseball coverage:

This Week on the Flats:

BOLD for home, REGULAR for away, ITALIC for time and location

Monday: OFF


Baseball in Nowhere in Particular, Somewhere East and North of Atlanta, I Think
7:00 PM, Athens, GA, SEC Network and WREK 91.1

Softball at Kennesaw State
6:00 PM, Kennesaw, GA

Thursday: OFF

Women’s Tennis vs. North Carolina
3:00 PM, Ken Byers Tennis Complex

Softball vs. Pittsburgh
4:00 PM, Mewborn Field, ACC Network Extra

Men’s Tennis at No. 22 Notre Dame
5:00 PM, South Bend, IN

Baseball vs. Boston College
6:00 PM, Chestnut Hill, MA, ACC Network Extra and WREK 91.1

Softball vs. Pittsburgh
1:00 PM, Mewborn Field, ACC Network Extra

Baseball at Boston College
2:00 PM, Chestnut Hill, MA, ACC Network Extra and WREK 91.1

Men’s Tennis at Boston College
12:00 PM, Chestnut Hill, MA

Women’s Tennis vs. North Carolina State
12:00 PM, Ken Byers Tennis Complex

Softball vs. Pittsburgh
1:00 PM, Mewborn Field, ACC Network Extra

Baseball at Boston College
1:00 PM, Chestnut Hill, MA, ACC Network Extra and WREK 91.1