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Post Game Thread: Gold defeats White 30-20

NCAA Football: Virginia at Georgia Tech Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech’s new era began in style this Spring Game, a much-anticipated and often hyped event over the past few weeks. The coaching staff challenged the fan base to shatter previous attendance records for the game, and shatter they did.

There was a lot of offense in this game, as Collins said on air that the defense was limited to a small set of plays as they continue to install the vaunted Collins defense on the flats. On offense, passing was a focus with mixed results. There were some shining moments throwing the ball, especially for James Graham on his first drive, but the results overall were mixed. It was good to see 2 RB sets on offense with the depth at the position. Tech has a bevy of talent in the backfield, and needs to get snaps for as many of them as possible. Also, they all already know how to block.


  • WR Ahmarean Brown
  • DE Sylvain Yondjouen
  • QB James Graham
  • S Juanyeh Thomas

Brown is just an early enrollee, but he jumped off the page to me as a guy with electric speed that will be a weapon for this offense. He displayed his speed, quickness, and was also used as a motion man for the run game. He’ll be someone that opposing defenses have to pay attention to.

Yondjouen really looks the part physically. He has all the athletic gifts one could ask for at the position. While he didn’t play against the first team offense and was only occasionally rotated onto the field, he disrupted almost every snap he could. It will take him more reps to get the details, but he’s already developing a swim move and is effectively using his length to control blockers. On one play he bull rushed the OT and threw him aside like a rag doll, on the next he executed a quick swim move and got in the QB’s face. Earlier he had run down the ball carrier on a sweep. He’s a player that I’ll be watching from here on out.

Graham had a couple good runs and an impressive first drive complete with some nice passes to Adonicas Sanders. I thought he may switch positions this offseason, but he very well may win the job.

Juanyeh is Juanyeh. He was in on seemingly every tackle.

Impressions of the game? Let us know what you think!