Where were you 15 Years Ago?

This makes me feel old, but it was a great weekend.

Golf in San Antonio (when they say don't go OOB to retrieve your ball they mean it; I ran into Mr. NoShoulders out in the rocks).

Beating Eddie the Drunk, the svelte Okie State Cheerleaders in their Orange Dolphin shorts, margaritas on the RiverWalk, cheering Rough Tough Clough when he came down the aisle into the GT section.

CBC introducing me to Cornbread Maxwell and Coach John Thompson (one of the few times in my life that I've been the smallest person BY FAR in a gathering).

Watching Dook lose (although an All-ACC Final would have been cool.

I've said that if Will Bynum had had 5 more minutes in that game, he would have won it himself.


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