Coach MaChelle Joseph fired - Women's BB

AJC article, 11Alive article with statements

In the culmination of a bizarre saga, MaChelle Joseph was fired by Georgia Tech on Tuesday, March 26th. Depending on whom you ask, you'll get two very different explanations for why she was fired (the school finally putting out a statement).

Excerpt from the Institute's statement:

A final report on the investigation was submitted by Littler Mendelson on March 20. Among the findings were that every student-athlete reported "concerns regarding alleged emotional or mental mistreatment" by Joseph, and that student-athletes described the environment around the team as "toxic," "suffocating," "unhealthy" and "hostile" and described Joseph’s conduct as "bullying" and "emotionally, mentally and verbally ‘abusive.’"

Excerpt from MaChelle Joseph's attorney's statement:

She [MaChelle Joseph] has been accused of "attacking" Georgia Tech through her efforts, and top Athletic Department officials vowed to "get rid" of her. Georgia Tech finally accomplished that goal by manufacturing allegations against her and manipulating an investigation to make it appear that she engaged in unacceptable coaching practices. That allegation is false and was expressly refuted by officials close to the team and outside experts. Coach Joseph is tough but fair. She has worked tirelessly over the past 16 years to become the winningest coach in the history of Georgia Tech women’s basketball.

Link to MaChelle Joseph's response:

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