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Casual Friday: Possible GT/Falcons/United Partnerships

Let’s go ALL IN on expanding our BRAND in ATLANTA.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Georgia Tech Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Within the story that Georgia Tech will play one home game each of the next five seasons at Mercedes-Benz Stadium came a nugget of interesting news — Georgia Tech would leverage the brands of the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United (both tenants at Mercedes-Benz Stadium) for “opportunities for joint...initiatives between the organizations“. I tried to think of what these initiatives could entail.

Redoing the metal Falcon statue in gold

Clearly the most realistic of all these. Imagine that shiny silver statue in gleaming gold. It would be an incredible advertising experience for both the Falcons and Tech and really sell the idea of the “404 Takeover”.

Creating a white and gold Atlanta United jersey with Waffle House as the kit sponsor

This cause is honestly near and dear to my heart. I can already vividly picture Geoff Collins wearing a white and gold jersey with the Waffle House logo emblazoned on the front. Add his WaHo to-go cup and his WaHo-stylized 404 cap and that’s one heck of a Georgia Tech outfit.

Replacing the seats in Atlanta United’s supporters sections with bleachers

This would be an homage to Atlanta United’s days in Bobby Dodd. Who needs actual seats when you should be standing and cheering the whole game?

Reminding u[sic]ga fans of what happens to them at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

I’d permanently loop these videos on two panels of the Halo board.

Using the Halo board to play the Miracle on Techwood Drive on repeat

Speaking of uses for the Halo board, why not play some more GT-specific plays on the other open panels? Maybe, this one for instance:

All in favor? Anyone opposed? Cool.

Using the train whistle speaker to play the Tech whistle sound

Open up the roof and blast this as loud as possible. You think people in Midtown getting annoyed by the whistle every hour is funny? Imagine the entire city hearing it. I can just imagine the Reddit comments now...

Blasting “Up With the White and Gold” and “Ramblin’ Wreck” on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and International Plaza sound systems

Imagine hearing our fight songs every time you walk up to the Benz. How awesome would that be? Even other teams’ fans would walk around the Benz and come to associate the Benz and all of its (great) amenities with Georgia Tech. What a incredible BRANDING experience for the program.

Using Freshman Hill for the Falcons’ offseason workouts

If the Falcons are gonna do Navy SEAL-like workouts to grow stronger every summer like they have been, they might as well use the original way of molding young undergrads into battle-hardened steel: walking up Freshman Hill. Think of how good their calves will look and how explosive each player will be off their feet after a summer of walking up and down that thing.

Think of any more ways for Tech to leverage its new agreement with Mercedes-Benz Stadium and AMBSE? Let me know in the comments below!