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Super Bowl Open Thread

The end of the NFL season is here!

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-City Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We don’t typically talk about the NFL here at From the Rumble Seat, but given that it is Super Bowl Sunday, I figured we could make an exception.

As the Los Angeles Rams take on the New England Patriots tonight, Georgia Tech will be represented by former Yellow Jackets offensive lineman Shaq Mason, who has turned into one of the top guards in the country. Absolutely impressive.

Now, I had thought about sharing some recipes to make for a fun Super Bowl party, but former Georgia Tech kicker (and future president) Andrew Chau had a much better idea of what to have for your Super Bowl party: beer.

More specifically, as fans of Atlanta-based sports teams, this is how you should enjoy it:

  1. Put beer in fridge.
  2. Take beer out when the Rockies turn blue.
  3. Turn glass to 45 degree angle and pour slowly.
  4. Tilt glass up and pour remaining contents.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 whenever “28-3” is mentioned.

Honestly, it’s just brilliant.

Now because I’m pretty sure most people outside of the northeast are rooting for the Rams in this game, former FTRS site manager Joey Weaver has an interesting tidbit you can have fun with as well.

If you happen to own an Amazon Alexa, you can get her to celebrate with you every single time the Rams score by saying, “Alexa, touchdown Rams!” And in the words of our former leader, “she’ll help you fight the evil empire.”

Feel free to share some of your favorite Super Bowl party recipes below! Or, if you somehow got tickets to the game, have a great time and enjoy the beauty of Mercedes-Benz Stadium!