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Georgia Tech Baseball: 2019 Worst-Case Scenarios

This reality is not for the faint of heart.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

As we close in on opening day, we’ve talked at length about Georgia Tech’s conference, its schedule, and its roster. But now, with only three days left until opening day, it’s time to go full Babe Ruth and call our shots. Take a look at our predictions for this season, continuing with our worst-case scenarios.

Akshay Easwaran

There are very many things that could go wrong this season and derail all of the expectations we have for the Yellow Jackets. The best case for Tech is that all of its pitchers stay healthy, it’s able to replace the production of Joey Bart and Wade Bailey effectively, and its rotation stays consistent.

Well, what if none of that happens and things get worse?

It’s a nightmarish thought — imagine ace Connor Thomas getting injured, the bats going ice cold all season, and the rotation (especially without Thomas) going boom or bust depending on the day.

shudders I don’t really want to think about it longer than I have to. I’ll say this much: if all of these things do go wrong, Tech will probably finish towards the bottom of the ACC with a lot of thinking to do as it heads into 2020.

Ethan Kreager

The worst case scenario for this year involves the holes in the lineup not being filled with serviceable players, too much bunting, and a lack of consistency from the pitching staff. Keeping Nick Wilhite in the order when he can’t hit is a major concern. I’ll put that scenario at 27-28, with an 0-2 showing in the ACC tournament and a third straight year with no NCAA tournament.

Benjamin Tankersley

Crap hits the fan, and Tech comes out more flat than last year. The pitching got worse and there’s not a bat to take the place of Joey Bart. Tech wins just shy of 20 games, and everybody is miserable. A necessary coaching change doesn’t get made, and the whole cycle repeats.

Got any thoughts on our predictions? Leave them in the comments below! If you need a shot of positivity, head over to our best-case scenarios.