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Georgia Tech Trounces Nebraska 73-56

Michael Devoe Leads Tech to a Big Win

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

This game was very close until just after halftime and much of that was Georgia Tech’s fault. They missed bunny after bunny, they wasted transition offense opportunities, and let Nebraska run wild on transition. Still they found themselves in the lead at halftime. That is due to several things. First of all, Michael Devoe is really, really, really good. He carried this offense through their slow spurts and kept things from getting too bad. Secondly, Tech didn’t foul like they normally do. It was over 10 minutes into the game when they picked up their first foul. That is crazy. The Cornhuskers didn’t get a free throw in the first half. The third was that they kept turning Nebraska over. GT turned them over 12 times in the first half.

Georgia Tech pulled away early in the second half to bring the game to between a 9-12 point lead where it would stay for most of the rest of the game. Nebraska made a mini-run to bring it down to 6, but that didn’t last long. Tech pulled away late to make it no contest. Things changed a lot in the second half. Tech started fouling, but Nebraska bailed them out by missing free throws. They shot just 8-18 (44.4%) from the line. That’s bad. Nebraska stopped turning the ball over, but their offense still struggled in the half court. The other difference was that Moses Wright joined Devoe in the offense creation department and everyone else chipped in a little to make the Tech offense groove like they haven’t all year.

For Nebraska Haanif Cheatham was a consistent pest and offensive creator. He was easily Nebraska’s best player today.

The Good

  • Michael Devoe had 26 points on 10-16 shooting, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists. He’s crazy good.
  • This defense held Nebraska to 38.5% shooting from inside the arc and 23.1% from outside of it. That’s a fantastic job.
  • Moses Wright added 18 points on 8-14 shooting, 9 rebounds, and 3 blocks.
  • This was the first game since Elon that Tech pulled away from their opponent.
  • The matchup zone really befuddled the Cornhuskers and forced a lot of turnovers and deep threes in the first half.
  • Evan Cole had a nice game tonight. He played smart, showed good chemistry with Devoe, and rebounded really well.

The Bad

  • GT still had 16 turnovers including 6 by Devoe.
  • Despite not fouling for over ten minutes, Tech still found itself in foul trouble. Wright had 4, including some dumb ones. Devoe, Khalid Moore, and James Banks each had 3.
  • Just 4-8 from the free throw line. They didn’t get to the line enough and didn’t hit enough when they did.
  • Khalid Moore looked to be really forcing things offensively. He shot just 2-9 for 5 points. Several times he would have been better off passing it away. His vision wasn’t there tonight.

The Ugly

  • Michael Devoe was 4-8 from deep. The rest of the team was 1-15. Bubba Parham was 0-5 and missed several by a good bit. He needs to get his shot back. Asanti Price shot confidently, but was 0-3.

Ultimately this was a big win that the team really needed. Jose Alvarado is out for quite a while and this team needed to get their rhythm without him. The lack of depth is a concern, but tonight I will celebrate this big win and the incredible play of Michael Devoe.