Good timing for GT Recruiting to Return

Banner Society did some research recently as far as the last time each team won a national championship - was it in the lifetime of current high school recruits (or, if not, was it at least in their parents' lifetimes)? Turns out that, while 1990 was before high school players were born, it's not so long ago that their parents can't remember it (and 10 years more recent than that other school from the Peach State!). However, with the memory of past glory fading with each passing year, it certainly behooves the Yellow Jackets to strike before the iron is ice cold...

I submit for your approval some analysis of my own, which includes both national and conference championships in either the lifespan of current high school seniors or their parents:

I do believe that Geoff Collins has been a breath of fresh air in Atlanta, and this year's recruiting class is very promising for the Jackets - but you have to remain cautious and vigilant: one class does not a program make. Virginia Tech had a nice class last year, and look at this year (so far, at least). I tend to think the Jackets will be back soon - and the Battle of the Techs will hopefully mean something once again! - but Collins will need to show improvement next year to keep the momentum going.

Anyway, those are my thoughts from the outside looking in. Hope you enjoy!

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