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Technical Tidbits 12/25: Tech Faces Off Against Hawaii

The Yellow Jackets men’s basketball team takes on the Rainbow Warriors — first meeting in nearly 47 years

Diamond Head Classic - Houston v Georgia Tech Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

Before we get into today’s Tidbits, I just had to ask, was Santa good to you? If so, did you get any good Tech related gifts? Feel free to comment below. Let’s get right into it with some basketball news from Hawaii.

The Yellow Jackets men’s basketball team is spending its Christmas in Hawaii. Today they’ll be taking on the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. Tip-off is set for 6:30 PM EST at Stan Sherriff Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. The game will be broadcast on ESPN2. The series is tied 2-2 between these two schools, and interestingly, the last time they faced each other was January 6th, 1973. The winner will claim third place in the Diamond Head Classic. Good luck to the Yellow Jackets!

This article serves as a great reminder of how Tech prepares its athletes for life after college. Dasia Smith was a track and field athlete at Tech and she has recently graduated. She now has three job offers on the table in her chosen field of environmental engineering. And as it common for Tech graduates, she’s got a big decision to make about which job offer to accept.

Today was the first time I heard about this. I’m sure this has got to put a damper on Stansbury’s holidays. Nobody wants to be sued by their former employer. From the details, it’s obvious that Stansbury badly wanted to take the position at Tech. Regardless of all the details of the article, the one thing that stands out to me is that 9 percent interest rate. I’m not exactly sure what the typical interest rate would be for such scenarios, but 9 percent sounds a little extreme to me.

Regardless of being sued, Stansbury seems to be keeping with the holiday spirit. Here’s a holiday message from him.

With that in mind, and on behalf of FTRS, I hope all of you enjoying your holidays!