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Mailbag 11/6

We talked a lot about college football

Pittsburgh v Georgia Tech Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Next NCAA championship for Tech?

Ben: I’ll defer to whatever Jake says in terms of non-rev sports. Of the main three sports (football/basketball/baseball), I’d say that baseball is the closest. Tech has the best coaching staff they have had since I started following the team. It feels like they always have some good talent, but I think the coaching is finally there to take them to the next level.

Jake: Men’s golf. If there’s a year that they could put it all together, it’s this one. Their senior-heavy lineup is the back-to-back Atlantic Coast Conference champions, they now have experience playing deep into the tournament, and they’re led by the man who literally won the prize for best amateur golfer in the country earlier this summer in Andy Ogletree. They’re three for four in winning their events this fall, with the only outlier being a competition they hosted on one of the worst weather weekends of the fall in Atlanta. Georgia Tech Men’s Golf is legit. Get on the hype train. I’ll be shoveling coal into the boiler hopefully into the months of May and June.

Chris: Agreed with Jake on this one. Other than that, baseball feels like a sport we could randomly be good at one year maybe? Or Track and Field?

Carter: Yeah, it’s golf. But if for some reason it isn’t, it’s women’s tennis, aka the only Georgia Tech team with an NCAA championship.

Is there a quick fix to Graham’s inaccuracy from last game? Was there something simple he was doing wrong with his mechanics, or was it just an off day that should return to the mean next week? Or, was it a result of good defensive pressure and coverage which UVA will likely repeat?

Ben: Graham has struggled with inaccuracy all season. He struggled with it a lot more against Pitt, but it’s been a struggle for him all season. I think in a game, his completion percentage has topped at 50 percent. Graham has a lot of arm talent, but he needs to work on his progressions and touch.

Andrew: After watching the game again, a few of his throws were altered by the pass rush or he was forced to throw quick. He also had a few drops from his receivers that didn’t help matters. My bigger concern is Graham seems to not be able to look off his intended receiver and will often lock on to him. I’m also not sure if he ever sees the a middle of the field safety. The TD pass vs Pitt should have been at least broken up if the safety played it better.

How many QBs will we see against UVA?

Ben: I’m pretty confident Johnson isn’t playing this week, so I’m hoping we see two: Graham and Jordan Yates. Ideally, Graham comes out and has a perfect day so we don’t need to see Yates, but I’m trying to stay realistic here.

Jake: Multiple. My heart wants to see Graham give way to Jordan Yates, but deep down, I think we all know it’ll go from Graham to Lucas Johnson. And I think with four games left and three games to retain a redshirt to play, it’s high time we see a little more of what the Milton man can do.

Andrew: Depends on how Graham plays and how healthy Johnson is. If Graham struggles we may see Yates, if Johnson isn’t cleared.

Chris: I’m gonna say two. LJ is hurt and even though we don’t know the extent of it, it feels really dumb to rush him back. We’re also at the point in the season where JY can play and not burn his redshirt, so I don’t see why we wouldn’t throw him in for a couple series. So my guess is a lot of Graham and a little bit of the Y A T E S O F H E L L.

Carter: Why just use one quarterback? Two is more than one, so that’s obviously better.

When is it ok to fire a coach after 1.5 seasons?

Ben: Almost certainly never. Andrew hits the nail on the head perfectly. Coaches shouldn’t be fired after 1.5 seasons because the team isn’t playing well enough. That isn’t enough time to gauge how good a coach has been. Give him some time to get his system fully implemented. I’m not saying Taggart was going to bring FSU back, but this is not the point you make the decision that he isn’t.

Jake: Never. It’s fiscally irresponsible and Willie Taggart was doing alright with the hand he was dealt. If Jimbo is to be believed, the facilities situation at Florida State, of all places, is subpar and burning $20 million of good booster money to get rid of his successor doesn’t help that. Look at South Florida. It’s either can a meh coach and don’t fix systematic facility issues, or fix the issues, give him time, and hope that a rising tide of investment lifts all ships. You tell me what sounds better.

Andrew: Gross negligence, multiple corroborated level 1 NCAA violations, breaking actual laws.

Chris: Breaking actual US of A laws, massively embarrassing the program and school through off-the-field actions, or doing press conferences where you say “I hate this school, please fire me”. I really don’t understand this decision in the slightest. FSU has basically just bought themselves two more years of sucking, minimum. Booster-land is an insane place.

Carter: Not in FSU’s case, unless Willie Taggart committed actual crimes.

Lucas Johnson? Details around his injury and return.

Ben: The coaching staff is never going to give an update on injuries. Ever. College teams aren’t required to do so. The only way we’re going to find out is if Ken talks to a relative or if LJ posts something on his personal social media.

Geaux Tigers v Rawl Tahde: Who ya got? Do you care? Defensive gem or Veritable plethora of arguably watchable offense? How do dwags use either outcome as part of their dreary fantasy that gets them to the Nachunal Champeenship?

Ben: Give me LSU. I think this will be a close game with some better offenses. Definitely one that will be fun to watch. I think these are two of the three best teams in the country, so this game should help figure out the pecking order. Ohio State is the third for those who were wondering.

Jake: A win puts either in the driver seat not just for the division or the conference, but for the number one seed in the Playoff. I think a close game closes the window on the Athenians a little, too, assuming the boys from out east go to the conference championship game and lose. Who has a better record: a two loss team from Athens with losses to the SEC West winner and South Carolina or a one loss SEC West runner up with just the loss to the SEC West winner? As weird as it is to be actively vouching this scenario, I think that wins every time. Though I also think Oregon/Utah, Oklahoma/Baylor, and Ohio State/*checks notes* MInnesota??? deserve more of a look as conference champions, regardless.

Andrew: Sadly, all uga has to do to get into the CFP is to win out. They win the SEC and they are in. I’m excited about the Bama-LSU game and think people are overlooking LSU a little bit. This is the best LSU offense we have seen in a really long time and Bama is young defensively.

Chris: I think it’s a toss up. I’ll pick Bama because they’re at home (if LSU were at home, I’d pick them).

Stephen: I do care. It will be watchable. Less likely to be defensive gem than in years past. Dylan Moses might have been able to bolster the defensive performance had he not gone down at the start of the season. I’d venture out on a limb to say this is going to look more like 2007 or 2013’s result rather than any of the other Orgeron iterations of this rivalry.

Carter: As the son of an LSU grad (never mind all the additional LSU grads on that side of the family), I am required to pick the Tigers in this and indeed every football game. I do care quite a bit about this game as a result of said heritage.

If you are head coach do you roll out Jordan Yates at all the last few games(as it will not effect eligibility), or do you not want to get in his head by having to play behind a banged up O-line?

Ben: I think if he’s the best option at the position, he needs to play. I haven’t seen practices, so I don’t know how he’s keeping up, but I’m certainly curious. He was very good at Milton last year, and I get there’s a difference of competition, but I’d like to see what he can do.

Jake: See my quarterback answer. If the kid can play the position, I think giving him more live reps against D1 caliber starters in-game would be as ideal as a test run as you can write up.

Andrew: I think you give him a shot in the next 3 and see how he does. If he is head and shoulders your best option, then burn his RS and play against uga. My question about QB battles is we never know what the locker room atmosphere is, often times they know who is the best option to help win and making a change can cause a coach or staff to lose the locker room, which is my greatest fear during a terrible season.

Chris: If I were him, I’d want the chance. I think you can gameplan around the line a little bit and keep his playbook simple. I don’t know that rolling him out as the starter and letting him play an entire game is the right move, but I think seeing him for a few series each game would make a lot of sense. In-game experience is the best thing for anyone and it would be great to get him some in preparation for 2020.