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Clean, Old-Fashioned Blowout: Tech Loses To UGA 52-7

It wasn’t pretty as Tech loses to UGA.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the 114th edition of Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate is a wrap. The game got off to a slow start for both Tech and UGA, with both teams failing to produce much offense on their first couple of possessions. However, UGA did score a field goal on their second drive. And a touchdown on the following. And then another touchdown. You get the idea, right?

And for the Yellow Jackets, well, things remained slow, mostly. They did score a touchdown in the first half to avoid a shutout. That was nice. Aside from that, it was more of the same in the second half, minus any scoring from Tech. With that, here’s the game summary:


Early in the game, Tech’s offense looked much like it did a couple weeks ago against Virginia Tech. They struggled to move the ball and couldn’t muster enough yardage for a single first down until the second half. One of the biggest let downs had to be their failure to capitalize off of several key opportunities including two turnovers and a successful onside kick in the first half.

The second half was much, much worse. Tech couldn’t manage to find the end zone or even get within field goal range. The game-clock mercifully expired ending what has been a difficult season. Tech is a team that will have a lot of work to do in the off-season. But that much is expected. One area that will need some attention will be the offense (particularly the offensive line).


The defense came out strong stopping the Bulldogs from getting a first down on their first two possessions. Because of a long punt return, UGA was in good enough position to score at least a field goal for the first points of the game. Tech’s defense gave up another 14 points to make the halftime score 17-7. At that point, there was still hope for the Yellow Jackets.

Well, then there was the second half — if you read the offensive summary you’d know how things turned out. It wasn’t pretty for the defense either in the second half. They yielded 28 points. In the end, it was a blow-out.

Special Teams

Georgia Tech’s special teams was easily the star of the game for Tech. In the first half they recovered an onside kick and a muffed punt. The second half featured a lot of the same. Basically, Tech punting.

Looking Forward

The Yellow Jackets end the season with a final record of 3-9. The first year of the Collins’ Era is officially in the books. As he indicated in his weekly press conference, come tomorrow, Collins will be focusing his efforts on recruiting. While a victory would have been a lot more attractive to potential recruits, Georgia Tech’s effort (in the first-half at least) today was definitely a valiant one and showed signs of a team that has a positive future ahead of it.

Collins and his staff can now shift their efforts to locking in on the key recruits they need for the future. There was one point, and a hopeful one at that, which I did take away from this game. Yes, for a home game, there was a lot of red not-gold to see in Bobby Dodd Stadium. But one thing was for certain. The house was packed (until it became a blow-out and late in the game many fans headed for the exits), and that’s something to hope for. It would be nice to imagine those red shirts being gold and white ones, and this Tech team a much improved one. Okay, lets just get on to the off-season.