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Technical Tidbits 11/28: Happy Thanksgiving!

Don’t think about Saturday.

A Tech-Auburn game held on Thanksgiving in 1921.
Georgia Tech Archives/Georgia Tech Photography Collection (

It seems like the new pricing model the GTAA instituted for COFH went over pretty well. Even though a majority of the attendees this Saturday will probably be georgia fans, it puts some money in Tech’s pocket to help pay for whatever the athletics department needs.

Although Tech’s odds coming into the game are not great, at least the Yellow Jacket seniors have one last chance to give it their all at home. Tech has one of the smallest senior classes in the nation, but their impact is big in the locker room. They have provided valuable leadership through a coaching change and a rough and tumble season. Hopefully, they will all get at least a chance to play football at the next level. Go, Jackets!

One of the best things Geoff Collins has done in his time on the Flats is hire a lot of Georgia Tech alumni or Georgia natives to his staff. Not only does this help in recruiting, as coaches from the South can make better connections with players in-state, it also helps as coaches truly understand the meaning of COFH and the mutual hatred between the two schools. Hopefully, the understanding of the rivalry translates to a win(s).

This is great publicity for the Georgia Tech Football program. Tony Dungy is one of the most respected analysts and coaches in the football world. His good words about Georgia Tech will definitely help with recruiting and possible connections for the coaching staff in the future.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving.

What’s the good word?