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Yellow Jackets Narrowly Defeat Wolfpack: Game Summary

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech played what easily was their best football game of the year. For the first time all season the Yellow Jackets scored more than 30 points. Just kidding, but they did get close with 28. After a bitter loss last week, the Yellow Jackets were able to put that game behind them. They easily narrowly defeated the North Carolina State Wolfpack by a final score of 28-26.

There were positive takeaways from this game from all three phases of the game. Though the second half was alarmingly disappointing, in a way. Let’s get right into it and take a look at what would be the Yellow Jackets third victory of the season.

The Offense

The second half was not great for the Yellow Jackets. However, it was the performance in the first half that sealed the deal for the Yellow Jackets. With 246 yards of offensive production in the first half with 21 points, Tech gave themselves enough padding to squeak out a much needed victory.

One of the keys going into the game was James Graham. Which James Graham would showed up? Luckily for Tech, the right Graham showed up and that helped make the difference for the offensive; particularly in the explosive first half. Also, there were big plays by Jordan Mason who rushed for 141 yards. If there was anything to be concerned about it occurred mostly in the second half. Tech could only put together 149 yards of offense. This includes just nine passing yards.

In the end, it was a victory, and that’s what matters.

The Defense

The defense, like the offense played spectacularly in the first half, limiting the Wolfpack to 179 yards of offensive production and just three points. Like the offense, though, they played poorly in the second half. They gave up 278 yards of offensive production to the Wolfpack. And the Yellow Jackets were outscored 23 to 7.

However, it was their first half performance that made the difference. Limiting the Wolfpack to three points in particular. Though the key play of the game did come in the second half where the defense prevented a Wolfpack two-point conversion that would have tied the game with just minutes left in the game. In the end, those two points were all the difference.

The Special Teams

As always, the special teams featured the leg of Pressley Harvin III. On four punts he averaged 50.5 yards. The coverage was able to pin the Wolfpack deep into their own territory capitalizing on Harvin’s punts.

Looking Ahead

Next week, Tech will play their final game of the season. We all know what game that is. Clean Old Fashioned Hate. Kickoff is at noon. #THWG

Oh, and as promised to my colleagues, if the Yellow Jackets can finally break that 30 point barrier against u[sic]GA, this writer plans to spend a month as a monk in a Buddhist temple, (I believe that will include shaving my head).