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Technical Tidbits 11/14: Georgia Tech Football Prepares in Multiple Ways for VPISU

A turf replacement and a press conference.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Although it won’t look the best, Bobby Dodd Stadium’s turf will feel good for players for the rest of the season. According to the article, the playing field was not up to par with what the Tech grounds crew and coaching staff like, so the decision was made to replace some of the turf. Hopefully, it will be to Georgia Tech’s advantage for the final three games of the year.

Tech Head Coach Geoff Collins discussed a multitude of topics at his press conference earlier this week. It was especially nice to read about his personal hero, his father-in-law. I’m very glad that Collins is willing to get personal like this with the media, as it shows how personal he is willing to get with his team. Players respond to coaches who connect emotionally with them, and Collins is certainly proving to be one of the best at that.

When you near the end of any sports season, it gets tough on everyone involved with that program. Especially for the seniors. This group of Yellow Jacket seniors is no different, as they only have three weeks left before they finish their time on the Flats out. They have had many memorable moments, and will hopefully create many more in the short time they have left at Tech.

Push-ups are definitely an incentive to help James Graham play better for the Jackets. After the Pittsburgh game, Graham did 10 push-ups for each mistake he saw on the game film. This comes after Graham didn’t prepare well at all for the Pittsburgh game, where he struggled, and even was benched to begin the second half. However, before the Virginia game, Graham took the preparation process a lot more seriously, and had the best game of his young career. The game resulted in a loss, but gave Graham and the rest of the team many positives to build off of.

I didn’t think that Nell Fortner could pull off such a great signing class in her first season on the Flats. But she did, with all four of this year’s signees being featured in the top-75 of women’s basketball recruits nationwide. Fortner came to Tech after a bad situation, but in two routs of opponents so far, and a great recruiting class, Fortner has shown that there is a bright future ahead for Tech Women’s Basketball.

If you are going to the Battle of the Techs in Atlanta this weekend, please consider bringing some clothing items to donate for the first “Big B Clothing Drive.” The clothing will be donated to the Atlanta-area Gateway Center, where, according to the article, Brandon Adams donated clothes to frequently.

Question of the Day: Who is your personal hero?