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FTRS Picks, Week 10: The biggest day of the year in Jacksonville

Get your wins in now, for the committee awaits

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 27 Florida v Georgia
How much consumed Fireball and Natty Light is in this picture? It’s impossible to know.
Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Well, it’s the end of October, which means daylight savings time is just about over and it’s time for your seasonal affective order to kick into overdrive. (That’s not just me, right?) It’s also time for..... that game. You know, that one. I’ll let Spencer describe it. I feel like Killmonger, asking “is this your college football event of the year??” I’ll never go and you can’t make me. And I’ve willingly been to Jacksonville for a college football game!

You all did pretty good last week, though Navy and especially Texas messed a lot of people up. Texas officially confirmed for not being back, until they’re back again next year. Congratulations to donkeygoatrunner and GTSMURF on taking gold and silver with 6 and 5 points, respectively. No one is yet to catch RamblinRocketman for the overall lead, though, whose reign has now stretched to five weeks, if I remember correctly. And if I don’t, don’t correct me. Just let me believe.

Georgia Southern Eagles @ #20 Appalachian State Mountaineers (-16)

Ain’t no rivalry like one soaked in illegally distilled moonshine. Even better when it’s on Halloween in the spooooooooky mountains of Western Carolina. Should you be scared of the guy playing banjo music? Yes you should, even if he’s just pretending to be that guy from that movie. The Mountaineers, undefeated at 7-0, are ranked in the top 20, and that’s kind of a huge deal when you’re in the Sun Belt. Like, historically huge. Georgia Southern, though? They don’t care about that at all. When the ‘Neers announced they were moving up from FCS, the Eagles pulled an “aw hell nah” and forced the Sun Belt to add them as well. You remember that banjo music playing guy? Probably an Eagle.

Pick: Georgia Southern

#8 Georgia Bulldogs (-6.5) vs. #6 Florida Gators

We’re here at the scene of the crime? Which crime? This is Jacksonville, it’s all of them. But as you all know, crime isn’t real in Duval County, and neither are the cops. That shiny badge? Just painted plastic. The uniform? Bought it at Party City. You think that guy over there doing a keg stand is really a cop? That might be how they do things in Tallahassee, but not here. If you want to avoid becoming a criminal, avoid Jacksonville on Florida-Georgia weekend. Actually, just avoid northeast Florida all together. Or don’t, because as already mentioned, Jacksonville this weekend is like the Purge.

Pick: Florida

#22 Kansas State Wildcats (-6) @ Kansas Jayhawks

This year’s Sunflower Showdown is the biggest one in years. Why? Well, both Kansas and Kansas State are coming in off huge wins: the Wildcats claiming victory over Big 12 juggernaut Oklahoma and Kansas.... having a win, at all. Look, that’s a big deal for the Jayhawks. At this point, it’s all just taking baby steps for them. It’s like teaching a cat how to ride a bicycle, or some other weird Les Miles metaphor. Does any of this mean they’ll beat Kansas State for the first time in a decade, or even win another game this season? Probably not, but unlike, say, Rutgers, you hope for it a little bit.

Pick: Kansas State

#15 SMU Mustangs @ #24 Memphis Tigers (-6)

SMU’s season has been so successful the NCAA is sending a team of stealth investigators to Dallas as we speak. Now that the Ponies have avenged the 1989 Houston game (again), they face maybe their toughest remaining test in Memphis, who would be equally undefeated were it not for a dumb loss to Temple. It should go without saying this is one of the biggest football games in history for the city of Dallas, maybe the biggest ever. At least if/until the Khaki Short Cowboys make the AAC Championship, which would deliver the Metroplex its first football conference title since 1984.

Pick: SMU

#7 Oregon Ducks (-4.5) @ USC Trojans

I know, you’re probably thinking, “why is there a Pac-12 game here? They’re done already, and this game isn’t even after dark!” Well, look, they might not be, and daylight savings time will end just a few hours after this game does, so really, it is after dark. And hey, this game pits the current division leaders against each other. It’s a potential Pac-12 Championship game! Oh man.... it’s a potential Pac-12 Championship game. If USC’s gonna fire Clay Helton, they better figure that before they get there.

Pick: USC

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