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Technical Tidbits 10/30: Another Injury for Georgia Tech Football

More bad luck for the Jackets.

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NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech Football has had multiple season ending injuries so far this season, and according to this article, Bruce Jordan-Swilling might have another. The junior linebacker tore a foot ligament in the Miami game, and if he doesn’t have surgery there’s a small chance he’ll come back for the final couple of games. Luckily, Tech’s linebacker group is currently young and deep, but that doesn’t mean Jordan-Swilling’s injury won’t make an impact. Get well soon, Bruce!

Geoff Collins has the nickname “Minister of Mayhem.” So far in the season, the team has not lived up to that moniker, as the Jackets have only forced nine turnovers. That will hopefully be changing soon, as the Jackets are practicing with takeaways in mind and are emphasizing forcing turnovers in all facets of the game. Let’s hope we see a lot of takeaways Saturday against Pitt.

I fully believe that Tech can win two or three more games this year. The defenses they will be playing to end the season are really good, but their offenses leave much to be desired. As the article points out, if Tech can keep teams in low-scoring battles of attrition, there are paths to victory. Bowl eligibility will be a stretch, but four or five wins is definitely not.

James Graham hasn’t been playing incredibly well for Georgia Tech this season, but he has put the Jackets in a good position at the QB spot going into the last few games. Graham didn’t play much at all at the year’s start, and was injured against The Citadel, but has definitely grown a lot and shown promise for the Jackets.

Georgia Tech Volleyball has been on a hot streak lately, sweeping their past six opponents. Last Sunday’s win against Miami was also head coach Michelle Collier’s 100th victory at Georgia Tech. After starting the season slowly, Tech is definitely playing well at just the right part of the year, and is looking to qualify for the NCAA Volleyball Tournament for the first time since 2009. Keep it up, Jackets!

This is an interesting development for the NCAA. While not outright paying college athletes, in the future they should be able to benefit from their names and likenesses. It seems like the perfect compromise. But then again, anything that will bring back the EA Sports NCAA Football video game franchise is perfect.

Question of the Day: What do you think of the NCAA’s decision?