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Technical Tidbits 10/25: Will a New Commit be Joining Georgia Tech Football Today?

All signs point to yes.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech Football GM Patrick Suddes had an appropriately themed new commit tweet last night. Suddes has been doing this for the last few commits, a few hours (or days) before it is announced, he tweets some sort of GIF and the corresponding number of bee emojis for each member of the current recruiting class.

A commitment happening today was pretty much confirmed with a second tweet last night, this one from current LB commit Tyson Meiguez. I’m not sure what time any information is coming out today, so keep your eyes on your Twitter feed.

Tech was really good in a lot of ways last Saturday against Miami. This article goes behind the scenes a little bit into the improvement process, and what the players have been doing to get better. Improvement takes a lot of time and effort, and more of that improvement will hopefully show in the last few games of the regular season.

Speaking of improvement, Nathan Cottrell has improved a lot in his new special teams positions since the beginning of the season. After being moved from RB, he could’ve easily transferred or left the team, but he stuck it out, and if it wasn’t for Pressley Harvin III, Cottrell would probably be the current special teams MVP.

Quaide Weimerskirch never really made an impact on The Flats, but he will be making a big impact on the United States as a Naval Aviator. According to an article posted last year by the AJC, this has been on Weimerskirch’s radar for a while, as military service runs in his blood. Thank you for choosing this career path, Quaide!

Kendall Young was an interesting Georgia Tech signee in the 2019 recruiting class. Young was arrested for B&E last December, but was put in a diversion program at home in Arkansas. Unfortunately, Young has had other problems so far at Tech, as he is currently away from the football team due to academic issues. Hopefully Young will be able to get his life back on track, as it is never good to hear stories like this.

Bryce Molder had a pretty successful PGA Tour career, winning once and gaining over $11 million in prize money over 17 years. Molder will attempt to teach current Georgia Tech golfers how to do just that. It was announced that he will be joining the team as a Volunteer Coach. This is a great addition, as Molder will be able to share his real-life experiences with aspiring professional golfers, and help to keep them on a straight path.

Question of the Day: Who do you think the commit will be?