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Yellow Jacket Roundup: Variety is the Spice of Life

And right now, Volleyball ain’t giving us anything other than mild.

The bottom half of the conference has been put on blast by the Jackets. Sorry, Syracuse.
Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

TAMPA, FLORIDA - I love working convention trips to the Tampa Airport SpringHill Suites. Really lets you see the sights and sounds of a beautiful city, which, we all remember fondly from the last time Tech headed down there. Loved Raymond James, the freedom to stand whenever I chose, and the fans of the University of South Florida. Anyways, since it’s bye week for the football team, it was going to be the meme (think: viral pictures that refer to things in a joking manner) edition of Yellow Jacket Roundup. But, it’s 10:00 PM and I’m just getting back into Hartsfield-Jackson. I have class in the morning. I like the idea, though, so I might bring it back in the future. Now, where’s my alligator hitting stick?

No. 1 Golf

As I’m sure anyone who’s reading this that spent the weekend in Atlanta can attest, it was a no-good, very-bad, terrible weather couple of days. And, in golf, as much, if not more, than any other sport, the weather drastically affects the play of the course, players, and game. This weekend, Tech, unfortunately, was on the losing end of that as they hosted the Golf Club of Georgia Collegiate Invitational. Tyler Strafaci led the way, finishing at -4 and in the individual top ten, but the rest of the team was, well, a bit bogged down. I hate to be negative about literally the best team in the country - yeah, that’s been a fun recent development - but I guess it just wasn’t their weekend. They’ll bounce back. Tech is the best team in the country not because they’ve been playing out of their minds, but because they’ve been living up to their immense potential. This team is built for this year. They’re experienced. Not everything was going to be perfect. But, despite getting tenth at their invitational, they’re still the most talented and also probably most experienced team in the country.

This week: Tech attempts to warm up while a big trip to Pebble Beach looms.


Tech (11-7) sweeps Wake Forest (11-7) 3-0 (25-10, 25-13, 25-15)
Tech (12-7) sweeps Duke (8-13) 3-0 (25-18, 25-15, 25-13)

Seriously, this is getting boring. Georgia Tech sweeps Wake Forest. Georgia Tech sweeps Duke. Four in a row. Find a new thing, or something.

Just kidding.

This team is really firing on all cylinders since the calendar flipped to October. Though there were a couple of early games that seemed like bad omens - Kennesaw State being chief among them - lately, I only have great things to say about Tech. Their record is still a little pedestrian overall at 12-7, but, when you compare it to last year, it isn’t buoyed as much by a veritable bakery of cupcake opponents early in the year this time around. Tech has dismantled four teams that it probably would have struggled with a little in the past. Looking back further to Syracuse, the Orange didn’t really stand a chance, either. Until the Wake Forest game, it was maybe the dominant game I’ve ever seen a Tech team play. Friday was something else entirely. Tech dominated every phase of the game in what can best be described as a thrashing. And, in losses, Tech has hung on longer with Louisville and Notre Dame. The Jackets may not be the cream of the crop yet, but they’re rising towards the top.

This weekend, performances of note go to Mikaila Dowd with a double-double against Wake Forest, while Julia Bergmann got one of her own against Duke.

This week: The homestand continues with the Florida schools rolling in this weekend.

Men’s Tennis

Finishing last week’s invitational at home on Monday, Tech saw Keshav Chopra take a singles bracket and Brandon Freestone and Chris Yun add another win on the doubles side. Good work.

This week: Tech heads to Tallahassee for ITA Regionals.

Women’s Tennis

Six advanced out of the gate for Tech, but only Victoria Flores made it to the quarterfinals in Tallahassee. Unfortunately, that was the end of the line for the junior, and Tech, as she was the last woman standing in Tallahassee.

This week: The Racket Jackets are at rest.

Cross Country

It was a solid weekend for the Jackets at the Penn State National Open. On the weekend, the women and men finished second and sixth, respectively, with Nicole Fegans leading the way for the women and Matt McBrien pacing the men. All in all, a solid performance before ACCs in a couple weeks.

This week: Tech rests.


The Saturday game was moved to weather, and Sunday’s result is unknown. But that’s okay. In other news, Tech announced the return of the Buzz Classic, after seven years of non-existence. This will be opening weekend, and rate probably a more difficult strength of schedule than previous years’ openers with a good Washington team in the fold.

This week: Softball plays tonight against Georgia Highlands.

The Hot Corner:

Baseball hit the road for an exhibition at South Carolina, where they played 12 innings against the Gamecocks. Things started out great for the Jackets, with Tech taking a 2 run lead before South Carolina even got back to their dugout for the first time. Things, as expected, took a turn when the game became “spring training-ified,” and the 8 runs the two teams combined for in the ninth marked a shift from the 3-2 pitchers duel - Tech had coughed up the lead in the middle of the game - to a more offensively-charged ballgame. Ultimately, 21 position players and 11 pitchers saw time for the Jackets in a game that, while it was a loss, really doesn’t matter in the long haul. Like it absolutely doesn’t matter. Baseball’s looking decent, and that’s what matters. Should be another exciting spring on the Flats.

In the Club House:


All I do is:

For football coverage:


For basketball coverage:


Sidenote: I’m very disappointed DJ Khaled never responded to overtures to meet with the Ramblin’ Reck when it was in Miami. How cool would that have been? Also, shoutout the GT Student Foundation for making the clean sweep of road trips possible this year. Really excellent they help make that happen.

This Week on the Flats:

BOLD for home, REGULAR for away, ITALIC for time and location

Softball vs. Georgia Highlands (moved from Saturday)
5:00 PM, Mewborn Field

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: OFF

Men’s Tennis at ITA Southeast Regionals
All day, Tallahassee, FL

Men’s Tennis at ITA Southeast Regionals
All day, Tallahassee, FL

Volleyball vs. Florida State
7:00 PM, O’Keefe Gymnasium, ACC Network Extra and maybe WREK 91.1

Men’s Tennis at ITA Southeast Regionals
All day, Tallahassee, FL

Swimming and Diving vs. Florida State
11:00 AM, McAuley Aquatic Center, ACC Network Extra

Baseball vs. Sanford (exhibition)
2:00 PM, The Rusty C

Men’s Tennis at ITA Southeast Regionals
All day, Tallahassee, FL

Volleyball vs. Miami
12:00 PM, O’Keefe Gymnasium, ACC Network Extra and maybe WREK 91.1

Basketball at Alabama (exhibition)
1:00 PM, Tuscaloosa, AL, ACC Network Extra