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Technical Tidbits 10/18: Young Players Guide Georgia Tech Football

James Graham and Ahmarean Brown have been great for the Jackets this year.

Georgia Tech v Temple Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Most football teams revolve around their starting QB, and that’s no different for Georgia Tech. Since James Graham took over the starting role two games ago, there has been improved play for many parts of the offense. Although it is still not playing exceptionally well, as Graham gets even more reps look for them to gel more and begin to play at a higher level.

Ahmarean Brown has been great for the Jackets so far this season. There is no doubt about that. He’s fast, can catch the ball very well, and is extremely energetic. He’s also a freshman, which means that we’ll be able to see him grow even more in his next 3 and a half (or two and a half) years on The Flats.

Losing David Curry after a targeting call in the Duke game was a tough blow for the Jackets. However, Quez Jackson’s play in the second half was possibly even better than Curry would’ve done. Although the game was out of reach, Jackson and the defense held strong, only allowing the Blue Devils 105 total yards in the last half of play. It’s always great for a football team to have a reliable (and very good) backup that can step in to play at the drop of a helmet.

Objective one for Georgia Tech: Cover. The Jackets are 0-8-1 in their last nine games ATS, and I need to win the money I lost last week back. In all seriousness, Tech’s offense needs to be ready for an extremely tough Miami defense that will not hold anything back against the lackluster Jackets OL. Let’s hope that Ahmarean Brown’s speed is able to bail the Jackets out if the need arises.

Georgia Tech likes to pride itself on academics, and that most definitely extends to the athletics department. Having five teams with perfect graduation rates and a football team 8 points above the national average? That’s incredible, and shows just how much Georgia Tech cares about the future success of their student-athletes.

I have Jared Goff as the starting QB on my fantasy team, so I’m really hoping that the game against the Falcons goes very well for the Rams, and the week of practice and the game in London goes even better.

Clean and classic. I really like the return to a traditional look for the Jackets this week against Miami.

Question of the Day: In your opinion, who is the best underclassman on Tech’s roster?