GT football vs. SEC neighbors

It's a rough season. Sometimes you have to take comfort in knowing that others have it worse than you...

From "P5 Teams GT could Beat - 10/15/19"

History tells us that converting a football team from a triple option offense always takes time and is... painful. This is what the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are going through in 2019. So far the football team is 1-5 and likely to be a prohibitive underdog in every game that remains. But as bad as it sounds... are they the worst P5 team, or are there others even worse?

RealtimeRPI tells us that Georgia Tech is the 132nd best team in college football (meaning there are 131 teams better than the Yellow Jackets).

RealtimeRPI tells us that Georgia Tech is the 132nd best team in college football (meaning there are 131 teams better than the Yellow Jackets)... some of them are ranked below the Yellow Jackets. After all, the Jackets did beat USF!

Weighing in at 135th are the Arkansas Razorbacks, currently 2-4 which includes a loss to San Jose State and zero P5 wins.

Just below Arkansas we find the Tennessee Volunteers at #136. The Vols are 1-5 with losses to Georgia State and BYU and a single win over Chattanooga (FCS).

Further down the list we find Rutgers at #145, a 1-4 team which was humiliated at the hands of the ACC's Boston College and a lone win over UMass.

Finally, the worst team in the P5 according to RealtimeRPI is Vanderbilt, ranked 146th and sporting a 1-5 record like Georgia Tech but fresh off a home loss to UNLV.

...I'll venture to guess that you may find some solace in knowing that 3 of the 4 teams worse than Georgia Tech are found in the SEC - a conference which may be stronger than the ACC at the top, but is also apparently weaker at the bottom.

So cheer up, Yellow Jackets - your SEC neighbors to the north (and one to the west) are worse than your team, and they didn't even change offensive systems this year!

If you just watch ESPN SportsCenter, you'd think the SEC is this totally dominant conference and ACC football is pure garbage. Yes, the ACC has only one legitimate playoff contender while the SEC has at least two, but when you look top to bottom... the SEC has a big, fat bottom this year! Consider these points...

From "Biggest Upset Losers of 2019":

Who are the biggest losers this year (from a point-spread point-of-view)? Here are the dozen biggest upsets involving at least one power five team...

Top 12 Biggest P5 upsets of 2019 (so far):

Week Spread upset winner upset loser score

w3 +26 The Citadel Georgia Tech 27-24

w1 +24 Georgia State Tennessee 38-30

w7 +21 South Carolina Georgia 20-17

w3 +19.5 Kansas Boston College 48-24

w4 +18.5 San Jose State Arkansas 31-24

w4 +18 U.C.L.A. Washington St 67-63

w1 +15.5 Wyoming Missouri 37-31

w3 +14.5 Arizona St Michigan State 10-7

w6 +14 Virginia Tech Miami, FL 42-25

w2 +12.5 California Washington 20-19

w6 +12 Stanford Washington 23-12

w4 +11.5 Pitt U.C.F. 35-34

Notice anything here? Yes, there are 3 ACC losers and 2 ACC winners, but look at the SEC: 4 losers, only 1 winner!

So then we can conclude that the biggest underperforming conference is the SEC, right?

But, nah, go ahead and ignore how weak the bottom of the SEC really is this season...

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