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Technical Tidbits 10/11: A Georgia Tech QB Switches Positions

An explosive option, anywhere on the field.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Tobias Oliver has been one of the more explosive players Tech has had this year. And, even though James Graham has emerged at QB for the Jackets, there was no doubt that OC Dave Patenaude was going to find a role for Oliver. It will be a new position for the RS sophomore, but he seems to be confident in it. Kerry Dixon being the WR coach, and his own experience making the jump from QB to WR definitely plays a part in that. I’m looking forward to seeing what Oliver can do catching passes instead of throwing them, starting with the game at Duke this Saturday.

The position group that Oliver will be joining has shown flashes of greatness this season, it’s just putting those flashes into consistent play that will be the key for the Jackets going forward. This article does a good job of sharing some of the top players in the group, and how they will approach the rest of the season.

The first thing that Tech needs to do is cover. I’ve got a bet on with a member at the golf club I work at, so as long as the Jackets cover I’ll be happy. If they do, it’ll be even more satisfying because I’ll be taking (back), the money I bet from a georgia grad. But in all seriousness, the Jackets just need to play better. They finished well against UNC, but in order to gain a couple more wins from this season, they need to play better from start to finish.

I’m not too surprised about this one, with NCAA punishments over Tech’s head, and transfer Jordan Usher ineligible to play until December, it might be a long season for the Jackets. I am just looking for the Jackets to improve as the season goes along, as of now, there’s no chance for a postseason, so you might as well get as many players into the games to develop experience and set up for next year.

Not too many changes in the ATL this week, Lucas Johnson is apparently back from injury. I’m hoping we’ll get to see freshman Jordan Yates at QB sometime this season, just not in the garbage time of a blowout.

To close out this week’s Tidbits, I’ll leave Georgia Tech’s uniform combination for tomorrow here. It’s nice to be back to a classic, clean look after the Cape Day uniforms of last week. I think that they were for a great cause, but didn’t like the design.

Question of the Day: What do you think of Oliver’s switch to WR?