I do not recommend spending a lot of time on Alabama football fan sites. First of all you have to usually wade through a dozen or so posts where the poster just types, "Roll Tide." When you finally come to something more substantive, the writer often does not have near the sense of humor or the self-deprecating awareness that makes most fan sites a more interesting read.

But, in spite of that, I took a brief look through "Roll Tide Roll" this morning and found a couple of interesting things to comment on. Do you remember that number one place kicker that Tech signed a while back only to have Alabama flip him at the 11th hour? Well, he is now the butt of some less than good natured ribbing by Alabama fans.

Also, there is this. Alabama fans, like most SEC fans, were saying before the championship game that Clemson would be shown up because "they don't play anyone difficult on their schedule and therefore would not be tough enough to hang with 'Bama." After the game the narrative by some on the thread changed to "because they don't play anyone difficult on their schedule they therefore did not have any injuries and were fresher than Alabama for the big game."

Finally, did anyone see the subtle and sly way Dabo Sweeney trolled the SEC? "We play in a tough conference and that prepares us for big games like this."

I think Alabama players just really didn't want to be there having already beaten Notre Dame in their deserved match up.

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