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Georgia Tech Recruiting: WR Nazir Burnett Commits!

The 2019 recruiting class has a heavy receiver focus

NCAA Football: Duke at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Collins is taking this roster transition thing seriously. The 2019 class now has 4(possibly 5 depending on whether or not Devin Ellison plays the slot) WRs in this class. Given the lack of TEs on the roster, this makes sense. Last year, Temple’s offense often ran with 2TEs frequently, but that will be nearly impossible this year with only 2(currently) on the roster. The offense is multiple, however, so Tech will be able to make use of 2 Back and 3 or 4 WR sets as part of the new offense.

Burnett had offers from a number of P5 schools, mostly in the Midwest and North East(Rutgers, Syracuse, West Virginia, Boston College, Michigan State, etc.). He also had an offer from Temple, and was likely on Collins’ radar long before he came to Tech.

Rivals and 247 are interestingly in strong disagreement on Burnett’s rating. 247’s internal rankings has him as an 87 grade 3-star(a good P5 quality grade), but Rivals has him as a 2 star. The FTRS team will be doing a full breakdown of every recruit by position group after signing day, and this will make an interesting case study. For now, here’s Burnett’s film so you can make your own judgements: