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Around the ACC: Week 2 Recap

AAC comes before ACC in more ways than just alphabetically.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at East Carolina James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Towson 20, Wake Forest 51

It was a good day in Winston-Salem, with quarterback Sam Hartman completing 17 of 27 passes for 242 yards in 2 touchdowns in route to a blowout win over Towson. I’m going to go ahead and debut the first instance of the Cade Lawson Nepotistic Moment of the Week Award, which will go to the best Cade in college football every week. My most favored son, Wake’s Cade Carney, wins it this week on the back of a 130-yard, 1-touchdown performance. I can’t guarantee who will win it next week, but I can guarantee that it won’t not be him.

Duke 21, Northwestern 7

I hate the fact that I’m on the Duke hype train, but I am.

Cutcliffe’s Blue Devils made me feel good about that once again yesterday, beating a strong Northwestern team by a 14-point margin on the road. They and Virginia Tech are my Coastal favorites, and I’d be quite surprised to see anyone else win it.

Georgia St. 7, NC State 41

It was very unkind of NC State to treat an up-and-coming school like this. I’m going to have to track down Dave Doeren at whatever Raleigh-area LA Fitness he lives at and tell him to lay off a bit. Also, Georgia Tech and Georgia State should play at least once every three or so years.

Holy Cross 14, Boston College 62

I can only imagine the hope in the eyes of Boston College fans after a second-straight 60-point outpouring against a made-up school. This will be the year of Boston College football until they put up 14 points in their first ACC matchup of the season and proceed to be shut out until week nine. Just guys being dudes.

William & Mary 17, Virginia Tech 62

Virginia Tech clearly has no respect for the founders of this country after what they did to William & Mary yesterday. They were also one of three teams to drop 62 on a weak opponent, which probably points to a bigger conspiracy.

Wagner 10, Syracuse 62

And here’s that third 62-point game. I can’t wait for real ACC play to start so I can have real things to say about these games. Sorry, Wagner.

North Carolina 19, ECU 41 —> #GoACC Moment of the Week

I was 100% going to give this disctinction to our very own Yellow Jackets, who I don’t even include in this article, until Larry Fedora bailed me out by getting blown out by the very same ECU team that lost to FCS North Carolina A&T just last week.

We’re truly going to miss you, Dr. Fedora. I hope they at least drop you off at the nearest hospital so you can help with a few brain operations when they let you go.

Savannah St. 0, Miami 77

I’m so tired of these games. Play real opponents in week two, please.

Clemson 28, Texas A&M 26

Finally, something interesting! In the first ever Dabo-Jimbo matchup that didn’t involve Crablegs U, No. 2 Clemson barely topped Jimbo’s Texas A&M team in College Station. I’m conflicted about this game because I can’t tell if Clemson is bad or TAMU is good, but the fact that the Tigers won on a goal-line stand on a two-point conversion made it a fun one. I remain uninspired by Kelly Bryant, but at least we won’t be getting angry Clemson in a couple of weeks (pending the outcome of their next game, of course).

Indiana St. 7, Louisville 31

Larry Bird ain’t walking through that door. That’s all I’ve got.

Samford 26, Florida State 36

And here we have our runner-up for #GoACC moment of the week! Mighty FSU almost dropped a game to Samford as the Willie Taggart era continues to go excruciatingly poorly for the Seminoles. They ended up with the win, but their confidence surely didn’t come out unscathed.

Virginia 16, Indiana 20

They scored fewer points than they have ACC-caliber players on their roster. That would normally be an issue, but UVA apparently only has 27. Better luck next time.

Penn State 51, Pitt 6

Mind you, this is the Penn State team that went to overtime with App State last weekend. Not a great look for Pat Narduzzi and his generally bad football team. We’ll get to see which of the Jackets and Panthers are generally worse here shortly, but in the meantime both teams have a lot to work out. I don’t feel all that confident, but that’s because I’ve lost my ability to feel entirely. We’ll see soon enough.

#GoACC Moment of the Week Scoreboard:

Miami - 1

North Carolina - 1

Cade Lawson Nepotistic Moment of the Week Award Scoreboard:

Cade Carney - 1