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Technical Tidbits 9/6: Jackets gear up for test in Tampa, plus updates on Kenny Cooper

Can the offense get into better shape by Saturday? Having Kenny Cooper back would help.

Georgia Tech v Tennessee Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

A wise man once said “the most important game is the next one”. That man may have been unjustly fired after his team spent 100% of the offseason and spring practice getting ready for week one against Southeastern Polytechnic License Plate Manufacturer’s University (a fluke loss), but still. Next week started on Sunday, which means it’s time for our biggest game of the season: against South Florida.

It will be the first test of the young season in every way. Though we did learn a bit about the season rotations versus Alcorn State, the sheer talent difference between the two teams is beyond drastic (...tune in to next week’s episode of Scions of the Southland for more on that...) and the offense in particular will need to improve across the board. This isn’t the same team we saw years back with official worst-FSU-coach-ever Willie Taggart at the helm, but Charlie Strong is a solid coach in his own right. Block or die, offense!

After much back and forth from the coaching staff, the AJC’s Ken Sugiura has an update on the status of Kenny Cooper — Tech’s star center is likely out for most or all of this week’s game. Johnson says he could play a few series at center or even guard, noting that Jahaziel Lee struggled against Alcorn State at center. This offense just isn’t the same without Cooper (though Lee deserves credit for making such a fast transition from his natural position to center, starting practice at center just one day before the spring game), and he has to return soon for Tech to have a shot once the competition ratchets up once again.

We’ll round out this morning’s edition with a shoutout to Kirvonte Benson and Quez Jackson, who were named to the Teams of the Week on offense and defense, respectively.

There’s a whole lotta Coastal on both of those lists, by the way. Pray for us during your commute this morning.