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Around the ACC: Week 5 Recap

The most predictable thing in the history of things happened to Clemson this weekend. If you don’t know what that is, you’re in for a journey.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It was another wild ride around the ACC, with a fifth different team in as many weeks taking home the coveted #GoACC Moment of the Week award. To find out who that is, you’ll either have to read all of this or use CTRL + F. Your call.

Temple 35, Boston College 45

In the battle of the teams that were good a while ago (Boston College was good during the Matt Ryan era, right?), it was Steve Addazio’s Eagles coming out on top. Former Temple head man Matt Rhule, who now has his own set of competitiveness issues at Baylor, was nowhere to be found as the powerful Boston College offense led the former No. 23 powerhouse to a 10-point victory.

Would we fare any better against Temple? Doubtful. Making fun of Boston College is just an evergreen hobby I’ve picked up.

Virginia 21, NC State 35

It was a fine Saturday afternoon for the Wolfpack, who stomped Bronco Mendenhall and the Cavaliers by a two-score margin up in Raleigh. Vegas was pretty lukewarm on NC State, favoring the Pack by less than a score, but UVA would stop at nothing to prove that they belong in the basement of the ACC once again. In fact, all they have going for them is the fact that their leading rusher, Olamide Zaccheaus, has an 80-grade name. So does Bronco Mendenhall, if we’re being honest.

Pittsburgh 14, UCF 45

I wish I could give this game the #GoACC Moment of the Week award, but it really makes us look worse than it makes Pitt look. UCF is a good team, but this is now the second time that Pitt has been absolutely stomped this season. The Panthers move to 2-3 with their sole wins coming against Albany and some other school I haven't heard of.

Wake Forest 56, Rice 24

Yep, it was a game and it certainly did happen. Remember, folks: beating this Wake Forest team by 7 was the win that pushed Boston College into the top-25. I’ll never forget that and you certainly shouldn’t either.

The Deacs have Clemson next week, which could be an interesting game for a key reason that we’ll get to in just a second.

Florida State 28, Louisville 24

These two teams are absolutely awful. Louisville is coming off of a whipping at the hands of Virginia (27-3, in case you’ve forgotten) and still took Florida State to the wire. The good news? We get a week off from the Willie Taggart fury while Nole fans spend the next few days playing make-believe that Louisville isn’t actually that bad. The bad news? We’re about to find out first-hand just how good or bad Louisville actually is. Hopefully the offense is more Bowling Green and less Pitt this time out.

Virginia Tech 31, Duke 14

This was the only game I was really interested in watching, and it revealed that Virginia Tech with a backup quarterback is better than Duke with either their starter or their starter at 80-ish percent, depending on how generous you feel like being with Daniel Jones’ injury status. At any rate, that man came back from a broken collarbone and made a start in what was arguably Duke’s biggest game of the season just a few weeks later.

Syracuse 23, Clemson 27: #GoACC Moment of the Week

The story of this game has nothing to do with the score and everything to do with Clemson’s quarterback situation. After quarterback Trevor Lawrence left the game with concussion-like symptoms, it was time for Kelly Bryant — the man who led the Tigers to a playoff appearance last season — to shine. Except it wasn’t, because Bryant transferred after losing his starting job in the Tech game.

Everyone on earth saw this coming the second Bryant announced his transfer, and the actual occurrence would’ve been made more magical only if Syracuse could’ve picked up the victory. This story concludes with Bryant transferring to Texas A&M and winning a title over Clemson, by the way.

North Carolina 10, Miami 47

Let me explain to you the tiers of the ACC Coastal.

Tier 1: Not that awful

Miami, Duke, Virginia Tech

Tier 2: Awful

The rest

That is all you need to know about this game.

#GoACC Moment of the Week Scoreboard:

Miami - 1

North Carolina - 1

Florida State - 1

Virginia Tech - 1

Clemson - 1