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Technical Tidbits 9/28: Prepare for #MACtion

Also, wait for it, wait for it......

Georgia Tech v North Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Like Ho-oh legendary, or....? Each year, one football player from each ACC school is bestowed the title of ACC Legend, with the collective class being introduced at that year’s ACC championship game. Georgia Tech’s representative this year is none other than conference championship game winner Joshua Nesbitt. Can you believe his last college game was eight years ago? Nesbitt deserves the accolade, and probably a statue outside Bobby-Dodd, for his accomplishments. Or at least a bust inside the Edge Center. Is that too much to ask for?

Nothing to see here; please disperse! So, uh, there’s been some weird stuff coming out of Athletics this week. There was this, and then the letter from Todd Stansbury sent directly to our inboxes. Feels like the classic dreaded vote of conference, yeah? Just a little bit? Honestly, I’d have led with the fact the Athletics 2020 initiative has already raised over 41 of its goal of 125 million dollars instead of the letter. In fact, I wouldn’t have included the letter at all. But you’re not reading the Tidbits for my opinions on things, and we should have some opinions on that on this here website..... some time soon.

So..... there is a football game this Saturday, right? Yeah. Yeah! There is one of those going on. Against Bowling Green. They’re from Ohio. It’s the first time Tech has played them, or indeed any MAC team, in football. It could be interesting. Maybe check it out if you have the time.