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Technical Tidbits 9/24: Women’s basketball signs eleven-year old Keren Clay

Georgia Tech women’s basketball is better than ever with the addition of a new face.

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Four days after a private ceremony was held at McCamish Pavilion, Georgia Tech has announced the signing of eleven-year old Keren Clay to a contract with the women’s basketball team. Keren, who was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma earlier this year, will attend everything from games to practice to team events with the rest of the team this season as an official member of the Yellow Jackets. Congratulations to Keren on the accomplishment and to head coach MaChelle Joseph for adding such a strong and tough teammate!

In much less uplifting news, Paul Johnson is here to remind you that while your complaints are warranted since the football team is playing so poorly, all zero of you who think that you can coach the team better than he can should calm down. I’m just assuming there are zero of you out there because I’ve never heard someone say they can coach the team better, but if you really do exist please make yourselves known so you can be corrected. Here are my two takeaways from the AJC article:

  1. If you are a person who tweets at players, stop tweeting at players.
  2. Seriously, stop tweeting at players. They don’t want or deserve to hear from you.

In case you missed the news late last week, Georgia Tech recently announced the upcoming “Live at the Thrillerdome” combination fall concert and uniform unveiling. The event is completely free to all Georgia Tech students, and season ticket holders will have the opportunity to purchase a ticket for $35 to get a firsthand look at new uniforms and an unannounced musical performance.