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Around the ACC: Week 4 Recap

The ACC is the hottest dumpster fire on earth.

NCAA Football: William & Mary at Virginia Tech
Always double-bag your trash.
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We’re back! Georgia Tech got blown out, but at least it was by a real team. Let’s see who had less fortunate weekends around the conference.

Northern Illinois 19, Florida State 37

Is the Willie Taggart golden age finally beginning in Tallahassee? No, but at least the Seminoles were able to hold off NIU by a few scores. The leading rusher for the Huskies had a whopping 3 carries for 13 yards, but the one with the most fantasy points as a runner was actually quarterback Marcus Childers. He carried 11 times for a whopping -16 yards and a touchdown. Yes, I know that’s because of sack yardage. Yes, I know that’s a stupid college rule. It’s still funny.

FIU 17, Miami 31

In what was a closer game than expected, the 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 world champion Miami Hurricanes knocked off powerhouse FIU by a 14-point margin. Am I crazy or are teams playing their warmup games much later in the season this time around?

Connecticut 21, Syracuse 51

UConn isn’t good, but I believe that Syracuse is. Outside of Clemson and Notre Dame, they may not lose another game this season. Having North Carolina as a crossover opponent will really help you out in that regard.

NC Central 13, Duke 55

Duke should be the favorite in the Coastal at this point. They are still clicking even without Daniel Jones and I really don’t think I can handle taking a major loss to them later this season. Hopefully Tech can work something out before that happens.

NC State 37, Marshall 20

Ryan Finley tore up Marshall in our fifth-straight inconsequential game of the week. Remember when Marshall was good and NC State was fun to watch? Me too.

Boston College 13, Purdue 30

I’ll let me from a week ago do the talking on this one.

This is guaranteed to come crashing down, folks. Purdue by two scores in week four, write it down.

I’m willing to convert my email inbox to a prayer request box for anyone who fell for the Addazio trap. Sorry.

Pitt 35, North Carolina 38

North Carolina, once (last week) thought to be the worst team in the Coastal, made Tech look exponentially worse with a 3-point victory over Pitt on Saturday. Larry Fedora is still not in a good position and will probably not survive much longer, but he takes care of business against struggling ACC teams better than Paul Johnson.

Notre Dame 56, Wake Forest 27

I thought that both Notre Dame and Michigan were bad after their week one meetup, but a Michigan blowout of Nebraska and a Notre Dame blowout of Wake Forest later has me reconsidering. Wake Forest fired defensive coordinator Jay Sawvel after the game, which leads me to believe that the brief success of the Demon Deacons may already be meeting an untimely demise.

Louisville 3, Virginia 27

Oh, how I wish I could justify making this my #GoACC Moment of the Week. Louisville just gave up 27 points to Virginia — as many points as Virginia head coach Bronco Mendenhall thinks he has ACC-caliber players. The good news? We play both of these teams shortly. The bad news? We are probably worse than either one of them. Tech has a realistic shot at both but can’t come out in Pitt or Clemson form.

Virginia Tech 35, Old Dominion 49: #GoACC Moment of the Week

We finally made it to peak ACC for the week! The Hokies fought and fought but couldn’t overcome the power of Old Dominion in the end. Justin Fuente and Virginia Tech were thought to be the favorites in the Coastal as recently as last week but are no longer even the favorites in the state of Virginia. They should just go ahead and relegate to the FCS.

#GoACC Moment of the Week Scoreboard:

Miami - 1

North Carolina - 1

Florida State - 1

Virginia Tech - 1