Why do we fall?

The answer can be any number of reasons. Poor execution. Poor discipline. Being overmatched. Failing to take advantage of the opportunities presented to us. But there is one particular answer that should be:

"So we can learn to get back up again."

Boy have we fallen. After taking it to Alcorn State in the season opener, our team dropped a heartbreaker to USF and dug itself an early hole against Pittsburgh from which it was never able to truly recover.

Then this game happened...

After seemingly holding pace with the Tigers for the first quarter and part of the second quarter, the Jackets were unable to hold on the rest of the way. Even when they made their valiant efforts to pull back and make a game out of it, it just wasn't enough. We now stand at 1-3 heading into a key matchup with...
...Bowling Green.

I'll admit, when I first saw the schedule, I saw it as an easy win. Then again, I saw USF and Pitt as games that we should win pretty easily. Look how that turned out. Which brings us to the point:

Next week, we are facing a trap game.

I'm going to be perfectly honest; we are reeling. We aren't just desperate, but now we are vulnerable. There are a lot of things that need to be fixed, such as execution and discipline. Sure the team may have been outmatched by a CFP contender, but there were factors within their control that contributed to the ultimate loss. Factors that will definitely need to be addressed heading into this contest. It's time for the Jackets to learn to get back up again.

All is not yet lost however. While our record may reflect a bleak outlook towards the season, there may still be hope. To illustrate this point, I'll go back in time to 2016. We got off to a hot start, coming back to beat Boston College and taking it to Mercer and Vanderbilt before dropping three straight to Clemson, Miami, and Pittsburgh. Then we drew Georgia Southern, a team that many would expect us to win easily but was essentially a trap game. After beating them, we got back on track. We won 5 of the next 6, including beating VT without Justin Thomas and that other school up north in their house. That team had fallen, but they learned to get back up and finished strong en route to a Bowl Game.

This season could very well go that way. Sure the team's situation may be more dire than the 2016 team's situation when they were sitting at .500, but the point remains. Yes, there are a lot of things that need to be cleaned up. Yes, there are many that may be frothing at the mouth for a coaching change. But first, we need to evaluate how this team executes in a potential trap game against Bowling Green. Who knows? The Jackets could win and it could be a major morale boost as the team realizes what they can do if they execute properly and play disciplined. And then the Jackets could string together more wins further down the road, including potentially a few upsets. Heck, I could be bold and predict that we could be talking about potential bowl destinations come November.

Of course, none of this will matter until next week's game actually happens. So let's regroup, reflect on what went wrong, and hopefully see those mistakes corrected in what could prove to be a meaningful win against the Falcons.

GO JACKETS!!! STING 'EM!!!!!! Let's learn to get back up again like we did in 2016!

Sidenote: Bowling Green isn't a state, but that's beside the point.

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