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Technical Tidbits 9/21: If you hate these uniforms, we aren’t friends anymore

Learn to love the three stripe life a bit faster, please.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The AJC’s Ken Sugiura has a list of five things to know before tomorrow’s matchup with No. 3 Clemson, including some notes on growing urgency and Taquon Marshall’s play at quarterback. The urgency factor for the Jackets, especially considering that the easiest stretch of the schedule is now finished, has to be a point of conversation going forward. Starting the season 1-3 means you have to find five wins out of Bowling Green, Louisville, Duke, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Miami, and Georgia. Call me crazy, but I’m... not seeing that from this team.

In other news, Georgia Tech has taken steps to ensure that fans have easier access to water starting tomorrow against Clemson. I have no idea how they managed to add over 50 new points of access for water since week one, but kudos to Todd Stansbury and company for being receptive to feedback and implementing suggestions.

By the way, we answered a question on the Scions of the Southland podcast about water access weeks ago. I’m not saying that we are 100% responsible for the change, just that we certainly are. LISTEN TO THIS WEEK’S EPISODE HERE.

I still can’t get over how nice the 1990 throwback-ish uniforms for this weekend’s game are. People keep saying they look too much like Pitt, but I just don’t see it. The point here is that they don’t have an R on the chest, and this is quite literally all that matters.

They’re really nice! Stop being so upset all the time!

Get ready for an interesting game!