Send me your tailgate spot recommendations

So the Clemson game this week will be my first game this year, and today I learned that my usual tailgate spot of parking lot W26/Dalney St/GTRI 10th street is under construction and no longer available. So now I am in search of a new tailgating spot. While I was in school, we always tailgated on 5th Street Bridge, but that has become a hassle due to the distance from where you park. I also tailgated once on the IC Lawn during school.

I liked the Dalney lot because I could park right next to where I tailgated, my spot was in a grassy shady spot, and we were right next to a building with an external outlet that we could run power from. So now I need recommendations on a similar spot. The most important thing is not having to carry all my stuff a long distance, and the 2nd most important thing is I'd like to have access to power (but I realize I may have been in a unique situation in that respect). So, shoot me your recommendations. Thanks!

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